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On the 150th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto, Merrill Matthews Jr. and Morgan O. Reynolds of the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis have drafted a similarly patterned Capitalist Manifesto -- defining the ramifications of private property rights and the right to contract.

Here are the highlights of their program to end the welfare state and restore individual liberties:

•Reaffirmation of the right of individuals to rent, sell or use their property however they peaceably choose, so long as they do not impinge on the rights of others.

•A flat income tax set at the lowest rate compatible with fiscal restraint, and abolition of all inheritance taxes and restrictions.

•A guarantee of the property rights of all immigrants and dissidents.

•Withdrawal from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank -- and abolition of all credit monopolies.

Their manifesto also calls for restoration of market prerogatives by divestiture and decentralization o…

On The Frontier of Freedom(again)

February 11, 1988

Thank you very much. It's great to be here tonight, and I'm delighted to see so many old friends. And now let's get right to it. First, there's the INF treaty. How do you think I felt when Gorbachev called a week and a half ago and asked me if our first group of on-site inspectors could be the Denver Broncos' pass defense? (Laughter.) And then along came the House vote on Contra aid -- I felt so terrible, I nearly called Dan Reeves and John Elway to tell them what a rough week I'd had.

But seriously, while the Denver Broncos are all terrific athletes and people, each one of us has to congratulate the Washington Redskins. Believe me, the House action on the Contra vote was a missed chance at a victory for peace in Central America. It's great to know there are some people in Washington who play to win. And believe me, I'll be getting back to that topic in a few minutes.

By the way, something odd happened just before I got here tonight th…

President Reagan's Second Inaugural Address

Monday, January 21st, 1985

Senator Mathias, Chief Justice Burger, Vice President Bush, Speaker O'Neill, Senator Dole, Reverend Clergy, members of my family and friends, and my fellow citizens:

This day has been made brighter with the presence here of one who, for a time, has been absent--Senator John Stennis.

God bless you and welcome back.

There is, however, one who is not with us today: Representative Gillis Long of Louisiana left us last night. I wonder if we could all join in a moment of silent prayer. (Moment of silent prayer.) Amen.

There are no words adequate to express my thanks for the great honor that you have bestowed on me. I will do my utmost to be deserving of your trust.

This is, as Senator Mathias told us, the 50th time that we, the people, have celebrated this historic occasion. When the first President, George Washington, placed his hand upon the Bible, he stood less than a single day's journey by horseback from raw, untamed wilderness. There were 4 million A…

Ronald Reagan: A great example!

This was a real American who understood the responsibility of his office and the real role of government.  Things wer not perfect under him but it was 180 degrees from where we are now!  We need another Ronald Reagan!  This may be long, but it is worth watching again or for the first time if you never have seen it before.

Ronald Reagan for President!

President Reagan's First Inaugural Address

January 20, 1981

Senator Hatfield, Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. President, Vice President Bush, Vice President Mondale, Senator Baker, Speaker O'Neill, Reverend Moomaw, and my fellow citizens: To a few of us here today, this is a solemn and most momentous occasion; and yet, in the history of our nation, it is a commonplace occurrence. The orderly transfer of authority as called for in the Constitution routinely takes place as it has for almost two centuries and few of us stop to think how unique we really are. In the eyes of many in the world, this every-4-year ceremony we accept as normal is nothing less than a miracle.

Mr. President, I want our fellow citizens to know how much you did to carry on this tradition. By your gracious cooperation in the transition process, you have shown a watching world that we are a united people pledged to maintaining a political system which guarantees individual liberty to a greater degree than any other, and I thank you and your people for all your he…

A Christmas Message: America, the last best hope!-from the Gipper

We Will Be A City Upon A Hill

January 25, 1974

First Conservative Political Action Conference

There are three men here tonight I am very proud to introduce. It was a year ago this coming February when this country had its spirits lifted as they have never been lifted in many years. This happened when planes began landing on American soil and in the Philippines, bringing back men who had lived with honor for many miserable years in North Vietnam prisons. Three of those men are here tonight, John McCain, Bill Lawrence and Ed Martin. It is an honor to be here tonight. I am proud that you asked me and I feel more than a little humble in the presence of this distinguished company.

There are men here tonight who, through their wisdom, their foresight and their courage, have earned the right to be regarded as prophets of our philosophy. Indeed they are prophets of our times. In years past when others were silent or too blind to the facts, they spoke up forcefully and fearlessly for what they…

Whats in a bill?

From Michael Connelly - Retired attorney, Constitutional Law

 Instructor, Carrollton , Texas

 Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill
3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with
particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was
 frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being
discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than
what I had heard or expected.

To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its
implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media
 are saying. The law does provide for rationing of health care,
 particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are
 involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion
 services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of
 the medical profession.

 The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of

What they said.........

I wonder what our forefathers thought about gun control......oh wait, i don't have to wonder, THEY TOLD US! 

"The right of having and using arms for self-preservation and defense is justly called the primary law of nature, so it is not, neither can it be in fact, taken away by the law of society."
-Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England.

"Arms in the hands of individual citizens may be used at individual private self-defense."
-John Adams, A Defense of the Constitutions (1787-88).

"The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."
-Samuel Adams, during Massachusetts' U.S. Constitution Ratification Convention (1788).

"The Constitution preserves the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation...(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."
-James Madison, The…

Enemies Within!

Enemies Within

by Chuck Norris (more by this author)

Last Thursday, Nov. 5, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist and devout Muslim, fatally shot 13 American citizens (12 service members) and wounded an additional 29 people at the largest U.S. military base, Fort Hood, Texas.

For six months, authorities had been tracking the extremist thinking of Hasan. Internet postings like this one go back to May 20, 2009: "Scholars have paralleled (a U.S. soldier's falling on a grenade to save surrounding troops) to suicide bombers whose intention, by sacrificing their lives, is to help save Muslims by killing enemy soldiers."

Hasan vehemently opposed the U.S. missions in the Middle East, arguing with co-workers, senior officers and even patients. He quarreled with Col. Terry Lee, who testified that Hasan said, "Maybe the Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressor." Dr. Val Finnell, a former classmate of Hasan's, said that Hasan was "very vocal&…