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Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero!

Look at the size of the crowd - did it make the news?  ALL the networks have
  studios within spitting distance of the site.


    the Mosque at Ground Zero
Part II June 16, 2010,New York , N.Y. ,   -by El Marco
Americans Stand Up Against Radical
    Islam in New York - We Will Not Submit!
Not one major network sent a satellite
    truck or camera crew to this event. Without bloggers this newsworthy event
    would have remained unknown to the public and history
On Sunday, June 6th, a
    multi-ethnic, multi-racial coalition of Americans opposed to Islamic
    violence and intolerance rallied at the site of the World Trade Center in
    New York City .
9/11 families were joined
    by immigrants from India, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Africa, Iran and Europe to
    show opposition to the construction of a mega-mosque at Ground Zero. Others
    flew in from overseas to speak or just to share their particular ethnic
    communities' experi…

Score a Victory for States Rights!

County Sheriff Can Bust Big Brother: Wyoming Sheriffs Put Feds in Their Place
The duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement official within a county. He has law enforcement powers that exceed that of any other state or federal official.

This is settled law that most people are not aware of.

County sheriffs in Wyoming have scored a big one for the 10th Amendment
and states rights. The sheriffs slapped a federal intrusion upside the
head and are insisting that all federal law enforcement officers and
personnel from federal regulatory agencies must clear all their activity
in a Wyoming County with the Sheriff’s Office. Deja vu for those who
remember big Richard Mack in Arizona.

Bighorn County Sheriff Dave Mattis spoke at a press conference following
a recent U.S. District Court decision (Case No. 2:96-cv-099-J (2006))
and announced that all federal officials are forbidden to enter his
county without his prior approval ......

"If a sheriff doesn’t want the Fed…

Conspiracies or fact?

How does one know if what they see, whether an advertisement or blog, is just propaganda or facts presented in dramatic fashion?  In today's era of cut and paste, as well as photoshop and internet hoaxes, sometimes we wonder whether something we see is based in reality or conjured up to scare us into action.  This is especially true in the political world.

With this in mind, I share the following without knowing with certainty whether ALL accusations are absolute truths. Some I know to be true however , so we must at least investigate.  Even propaganda is based out of at least a glimmer of truth.  One thing is certain, I am worried about my country.  Not whether or not it can be restored to its former greatness, but at what the cost might entail.

So, what do YOU think?

How well do you know the U.S Presidents?

I do not try and present myself as an expert on the Presidents of these United States.  I am a student of History and enjoy particularly, the History of the United States of America.  This blessed country has a history as rich, if not as long, as any European nation.

I was given the following trivia by one of my instructors.  It is fun, interesting and some stuff many people do not know.  See how many you may know.  Find the answers you don't.  It is NOT useless information, and who knows, you may just be able to win a trivia game one day.  One thing is for sure; what you learn while looking up these answers will be invaluable, mark my word!


Who was the only President to hold a Phd?When I died, though I had been an important Founding Father, even the Quakers refused to bury me.I disowned my only son because he did not support the American Revolutionary cause.Some have called me the “Martha Stewart” of my day because I loved decorating and fu…

A Miracle that changed the world!

Our Founding Fathers said that these 28 Principles of Freedom must be understood and perpetuated by every people who desire peace, prosperity, and freedom.Adherence to these beliefs during the past 200 years has brought about more progress than was made in the previous 5,000 years.1.  The only reliable basis for sound government and just human relations is Natural Law2.  A free people cannot survive under a republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong3.  The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous leaders4.  Without religion the government of a free people cannot be maintained5.  All things were created by God, therefore upon Him all mankind are equally dependent, and to Him they are equally responsible6.  All men are created equal7.  The proper role of government is to protect equal rights, NOT PROVIDE EQUAL THINGS!8.  Men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights9.  The God-given…

Liberty or Death? That is the Question

Many have heard or read the famous quote by Patrick Henry, ".......give me liberty of give me death!".  But do we know anything about the rest of that speech?  Patrick Henry, Sam Adams and the other founders of the Sons of Liberty were the ones who I believe made possible, the Revolution.  At St. Johns Church, Patrick Henry called for Virginia and every other community to raise and have ready a militia, ready to respond to an invader, made up, not of soldiers but of citizens, united in the cause of freedom and liberty.  
Please read his whole speech and see if your heart does not swell with the want to protect this liberty that came and has been defended at a steep price.
St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia
March 23, 1775.
MR. PRESIDENT: No man thinks more highly than I do of the patriotism, as well as abilities, of the very worthy gentlemen who have just addressed the House. But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will n…

Do we remember?

Today is July 4th, a time when most people get a paid day off, trips to the lake are planned, and grills are fired up for delicious bbq's.  Everyone waves a flag and we usually go watch fireworks.  This day is more than that.  Most of us know that, and most of the people I call friends recognize that what we celebrate on the 4th of July was an impossibility and was unfathomable at the time.  That the upstart state representatives, that had formed the loose Continental Congress, would have the gall to declare that the people here on this continent had the right   to "dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them...".

Wave the Flag of our Nation, but know why it is important and teach your children why we respect the Flag and all it represents.  Let them know what it represents.  Let us honor those who have ser…