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On John McCain

I do not have the time that I would like to spend venting on this blog.  I am working full time, for less than half the pay I used to.  I am going to school again full time, taking a 180 degree turn from what I did to pursue what I want to do.  I also have a large family, who I love to spend time with, although it is not very often, especially now.  And yet......I am full of anger, and upset at those who would have my grandkids shoulder a debt, that I doubt at this point they will even be able pay. 

So what democrat has me fired up now you ask?

No democrat my friend, but a republican.  A few of them in fact.

Okay, where should I start?  Well, first of all I am proud of the almost overwhelming solidarity against Obamacare from the republicans.  That is to be applauded to be sure.  But it if it was just partisan, then the Dems could have pushed this through before Scott Brown ever won his seat.  So, if democrats can't even pass some crazy liberal pet bill through their own party, t…