Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another soldier gives his everything for me!

Yesterday I got a call that I never wanted to get.  My mother called to let me know that an Army chaplain and two Officers arrived with news of my brothers death.  Words do no justice to the anguish and pain that I felt and still feel. 

Glen Jacob Whetten loved what he did and was good at it.  He had a desire to serve his country before he was even old enough to enlist.  He joined right after turning 18 and left for boot camp at Fort Benning soon after High School graduation from South High School in Phoenix, AZ.

He was first assigned to the 24th Infantry Division(I think) out of Hawaii.  There he became jump qualified and of course expert marksman.  His goal was to become an Ranger, an Airborne Ranger!  Those dreams were realized and he later was re-assigned to the 82nd, an Airborne Ranger Division.

He was part of the initial assult on Iraq and the March on Baghdad.  His only regret was they came in so fast they did not need to parachute in at the airport ahead of groud troops.  Jake received comendations for his role as squad leader of an elite scout team attached to HQ division.

After over a year he came home to the states and took a promotion and new position as DI(Drill Instructor) at the Ranger Academy.  He qualified for Special Forces training but hurt his ankle and withdrew.  As his new chance came up he was asked to become a part of a team deploying for Afghanistan.  He took that oportunity and has now paid the ultimate tribute to the country he loved.

He was killed in action on March 12, 2010 as part of a convoy attacked in Afghanistan by terrorist insurgents bent on killing Americans.

My brother and friend died doing what he loved in order for us to all have the freedom to do what we love. 

I love you brother, sure am gonna miss you.  You are a true American Hero!

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