Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sen. John McCain announced Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice President. Together they make a very formidable team. While I am a Mitt Romney guy through and through, her politics speak for themselves. I do believe McCain has listened to his base about making his VP a fighter for conservative values. She is this and more.
I was impressed to hear so much good about her after CNN and MSNBC set their sights and are propagating lies and falsehoods already.
Paul at Adams&Jefferson listed the following great bullet points:
  • She is a young, energetic mother of 5
  • She is solidly pro-life. Her youngest son, born this last April, has Downs Syndrome. This is a perfect counterpoint to the pro-death views of the Democratic party - who would have aborted this beautiful child.
  • She has made a name for herself fighting the corruption that Alaska has become infamous for.
  • She is the mother of a US Soldier. In the War on Terror both her and Sen. McCain have put their money where their mouth is. When they put soldiers in harms way it is personal for them. They won't take this responsibility lightly because the stakes are so personally high.
  • As both a mayor and governor she has cut wasteful spending and then returned the funds to the people that paid into it.
  • She directly confronted corruption and entrenched interests in her state to make government serve the people, not the special interests, demonstrating a courage not often found in politicians.
  • She is the Governor of our largest oil-producing state, but not an oil executive. This gives her credibility on the energy issue without suspicion. (Who better to tell us the TRUTH about ANWR?)
  • She has executive experience as both a Governor and a Mayor
  • She has credibility on environmental issues.
  • She is fiscally conservative in every sense of the word.
  • She is a lifetime member of the NRA as well as an avid hunter and fisher. She is absolutely rock-solid on the 2nd Amendment
  • Finally, she is a woman. Selecting her as his running mate gives the lie to Democratic accusations of our party being sexist and may help attract and/or retain the "defense moms" that put President Bush over the top for his second term.

A story I heard that cements my support for this ticket happened when she first became Governor. The Democratic Governor in office prior to her took taxpayer monies and bought a private leer jet for use by the office. When she took over, she saw it as unnecessary waste of taxpayer money. So she put it on ebay.

I know we can bet that the major media, after they pick themselves off the floor, (after drooling profusely all week at the democratic convention) will devise every hit piece they can. But they will have to be careful. If they attack her on experience, she has been Gov. for 2 years. Obama is only 2 years into his first term as Senator. They cannot attack her on being a woman (but they will try) because they had Hillary. (bet they wish they had not committed to Biden as VP now. Hope and change are with Palin. Blacks were allowed to vote before women were, so he can't argue he's been deprived longer. You just know Howard Dean and the rest of the DNC is just wetting themselves.

What I hear the most right now is that she was "only the Gov of the least populated state in the union, and Obama Serves one of the largest Districts in Illinois. After the initial announcement I actually felt giddy with excitement. I know the hit squads will be out in force but I am predicting a very lopsided victory for McCain at this point. We'll just have to watch and wait. I think it will be interesting how the media will cover the Republican Convention and the bounce in the polls they are sure to get.

Denial I'm sure. I see the conservative republicans being energized with this VP pick. I saw a weak Democratic convention that offered no solutions and actually caused even more questions.

Bring on November!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Politically Incorrect

I do not really know how to start this post. I do know that I cannot stand the way we as an American society have become so shackled by all the politically correct agenda circulating through every school, workplace and courtroom.

Was it politically correct for the Committee assigned to draft the Declaration of Independence to do so? Thomas Jefferson, the main writer of said declaration stated, "...that all men are created equal......." This was not Politically Correct in his day. First of All the world (especially England) Believed in Kings and Royalty. Your station in life depended on your birthright. Here were these upstart 'Americans' who were denouncing Kings and claiming that all men had the same rights. And that these rights were given by God, and not Kings or other mortal men.

Now today we are more restricted than ever before. You cannot mention God at school without causing riots. You cannot state that the founders of this country were God-fearing religious folk without offending atheists. You cannot speak of your beliefs without 'offending' someone of a different belief. This is getting out of hand. God did have a hand in the founding of this great country. The men who came together to make America great and free were God-fearing. They may not have all worshipped the same way. They were not all of the same faith. But they knew that the hand of providence had laid the way for them to establish a 'great city on the hill'. A beacon of hope to all. Until the founding of this country there was no country on earth that did not have a state sponsored religion. In fact, most church direction was derived from the Heads of state. Here we do not sanction one religion over another, but give all faiths equal footing. So why is one faith now have more power than all others? This faith being the atheist. Everyone scream that there needs to be a separation of church and state. I do not think they know what they are talking about.

In the first amendment it states,"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof....." Nowhere does it say a separation of church and state. They, our founders, just wanted there to be no state religion. They in no way were casting religion and its influence out of government! Why does the money say In God We Trust? Why do they still to this day start each session of congress with a prayer? Why do we swear on a bible when in court? Because this great and powerful nation was founded by religious people. We will only stay strong as a nation if we stay true to the ideals that we were founded upon.

The last point to this probably badly worded post is morality. Because there is some groups out there with absolutely no morals, they feel that they can push us into accepting their morals. Now, I will give them that we need to be accepting of all lifestyles. But only till that lifestyle infringes on my children's rights to be sheltered from it. Freedom of speech or freedom of religion does not give any group the right to bombard our kids with propaganda promoting promiscuity, homosexuality and other perversions. Yes I call them perversions. I have to allow perverts to exist but I don't have to allow them to push their agenda into my school. These groups have now attacked the sanctity of marriage. They want to disallow schools to even mention Mom and Dad, because not everyone has a mom and a dad. Some kids have two mommies and some kids have two daddies and some kids have one dad and three mommies. I don't Care! I have had about enough! As they attack and ostracize the American family they bring society down.

I will not judge because it is not for me to do. But I will not sit by and allow any fringe minority to dictate that a Mom and a Dad is not the Ideal. Study after study have proven that a child is better off emotionally and psychologically when raised by a Mom and a Dad. Enough said.

There will be those who lash out and say I'm gay bashing. I am not. I will not attack your lifestyle. I will merely say it is immoral and wrong. But I expect the same acceptance of my lifestyle by you. How come we always have to accommodate you and not the other way around.

It's just like the vegetarian who comes to your BBQ. They will expect you to have non-meat products for them. If these same vegetarians have a party would they have meat for their carnivorous friends. I think not.

I have ranted, probably incoherently long enough. Am I being ridiculous or is the world falling apart because of the plague of political correctness?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is abortion an issue?

Just a short post today. In a recent debate, if you could call it that, Sen. Obama was asked about his views on abortion. Rather than really answer the question he said it was beyond his "pay grade" to deal with. Excuse Me?

Well, lets look at his record on the issue. While a Senator in Illinois, there was a bill that was starting to "allow" babies who were birthed alive to be cared for by nurses and doctors. Sounds crazy, I know. A nurse at an abortion clinic was fed up. She was forced to watch viable birthed babies left to die after a failed abortion attempt. I still cannot get my brain around this idea.

This nurse would pick up the babies and hold them till they dies. It broke her heart. She was not allowed to do anything for these babies.

Anyway, the legislation went forward and Mr. Obama would not vote for it. He then wanted to create some avenue for others to defeat it in committee and when voting decided to vote, 'present' instead of yes or no. Just like he did on every major vote put in front of him.

So John Mccain is a pure right to life pusher. There are rumors he is looking into a pro-choice candidate for VP. Bad move John. Your opponent has been exposed for what he really thinks, pick a good conservative VP and watch the polls tip in even greater favor for you.

That is all.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Finally, we are seeing some life in the republican party. The conservatives are starting to flex what muscle they have. I am not sure what has taken so long for them to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid but it is about time.

Congress just voted to give themselves a five week vacation. YES! five weeks. And this while we are in the midst of a congress induced energy crisis. That is what this is. We are not demanding more oil that what there is available. But our congress has limited us on how much can be taken to market. If we got into the way back machine and made sure that no restrictions were ever made on oil exploration, refinery expansion and production, and congress kept their hands out it by not adding such high taxes to the cost of gas, we would be talking about something else entirely. Heck we might even be talking about the Olympics. They are going on in China right now in case you were unaware.

The republicans are not going on vacation. Instead they are showing up every day, demanding an up or down vote on drilling for oil her in the USA. And where is Nancy? On a book tour promoting her new book. Yeah, I didn't buy one either. Apparently there are not enough people out there who are. how embarrassing.

Did you know that the cost of a gallon of gas is almost 40% tax. Well, its close to that. Not only does the Federal Gov't tax it heavily, but the State, County and Usually city entities all jump on board. The big bad oil companies are lucky to clear 4% as profits. And profits are not bad.

Profits are what companies use to keep machinery going. They use profits to research new and better technology. They invest these earnings back into their companies to stay competitive. And they pay dividends to the stockholders. Even Nancy Pelosi. Most people don't even realize that they may be investing with these oil companies by way of their 401k.

And by the way since when is it a crime to make a profit? Why don't we turn over the oil business to the gov't. Then it would be sure to never make a profit. We could look to Venezuela. They are doing such a good job with state run oil. NOT! they used all the profit from the oil to fund social programs to keep the people fawning. Now they have a dictator who WILL not be removed from office and an oil industry that is bankrupt, and falling apart. The equipment is substandard and they cannot keep the drills running. Just what OUR country needs, right?

VOTE ALREADY! Are you scarred that you cannot win, Ms. Pelosi? The American people are fed up. You may be safe in your wacky, so left San Francisco, but the rest of the country will vote you out of the majority if you continue to treat them as children. Quit telling us you know what is good for us and do what is right by us.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Shrieker of the House Nazi Pelosi

Yeah, forget political correctness. I have heard these nick names for Nancy Pelosi and think they fit her to a tee. The Senate and House both decided to take a 5 week vacation. Even though there is a severe energy crisis that should be addressed. Its not like we were asking them to part the red sea. All we wanted was for them to lift the restrictions on drilling for oil on US soil and off our own coasts.

America IS researching alternative and renewable energy. Until this is profitable and can come to market, WE NEED OIL! It is not that hard to figure out. Anyway, The shrieker figures that there is enough support for a resolution lifting the bans, and she has made it her goal to block ANY bill from coming to a vote for fear of an amendment being added that would effectively force a vote on this issue. And she would lose that vote. The pressure is on in all senate districts. And not every democrat is as loyal to the liberal socialist agenda when it comes to home town pressure.

So, lets take a vacation and hope the liberal media will spin things to make us look good. Maybe there will be a natural disaster to take the heat off. This is ridiculous. When the republican minority stated they would stay in session and continue to demand votes. Senator Pelosi ordered the lights turned off and the doors locked, and kicked c-span out. Not so Fast there sistah! This is the peoples building not the liberal speaker's. So that is where republicans are today. Arguing for what the American people are demanding. And calling for democrats to come back for a vote.

BRAVO! I just hope its not too late.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tire Pressure

Just had to blog this. Barrack Obama was recently asked about all of the pressure to drill more oil domestically. His response was that , we could be doing things now to conserve and limit our oil consumption. He then suggested that most people in the USA were running with overinflated tires. Then and this is the kicker, he says that we don't need more drilling or more oil while we are developing renewable energy, no! All we need to do is make sure all of the country's cars deflate their tires. Yes, he really said this. And then went on to say that if we did that, we would solve the demand for oil because we would save so much.

Wow! I am actually starting to get a good feeling about November. Even without the mainstream media covering all of his missteps and blunders, this is getting out to the average American. You even get some weird looks from those who really are pulling for the guy.

I think the liberals wanted him so bad they never vetted him. And now they have what may turn out to be the next George McGovern. He(Obama) has no experience, and is so far whacked out with his socialist views that he is alienating the very people who helped get him where he is now.

He cannot win with just the extreme liberals and the majority of the black voters.

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