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I for one have not hidden from the fact that I am scared to death of what a democrat controlled federal government is going to do to this country. But I have to say I do not find myself upset that John McCain is not President. Why is it that I feel this way?

Well, for starters, John McCain did not and does not represent the conservative values I hold dear. He has time and time again 'crossed party lines' to bring forth legislation that no true conservative should be found even near. But when pressed with the choice we had, I as almost 57 million other Americans did, held my nose and voted for him. But many did not. What was it about Obama that so many conservatives, from both sides, found compelling?

If you just listen to what he was saying heading down the home stretch, Obama was taking pages out of Ronald Wilson Reagan's book. He was preaching a conservative agenda. Now I do not hold my breath that Senator Obama(he is not President yet)is going to in any way act conservatively, but that is what pushed him over the edge. That and the fact that many would rather a democrat than a RINO(Republican in name only) as McCain has seemed to many of us.

After the Election the exit polls showed that this country is still very much a center right country. Even in Extremely liberal country, California, the Marriage amendment to the states constitution passed. I think what conservatives need to do now is overhaul the party. I felt for a time that I needed to find a new party that would represent me better than the republicans. Republicans have squandered and political clout they may have had with increased government under their watch and a departure from Reagan's conservative values. As Reagan himself said, The answer is not to create a new party, but to take back the republican party! We need to put in office republicans who will fight for our values.

These are the five basic principles we conservatives want represented:

1. Limited Government
One of the biggest problems today is that the Federal Government has its hand in everything we do. This is not what our founders had in mind. In fact, with every turn that the Govt. gets involved in our personal lives we end up with problems. The govt. by its very nature cannot manage your money better than you can. We will visit each of these principles more in depth in the future.

2. Personal responsibility
What happened to this country? We were(and are) the shining city on the hill. Everyone looked to our shores and the freedoms(less govt and free markets etc.) as a place to work hard and succeed. It was(and is) the American Dream. If you want to take the risk you get the reward. If you choose not to work hard and be a bum, then you face the consequences of those choices. What ever happened to personal accountability? The very fact that there are people who live off of the hard work of others is insane. The communist Manifesto stated from each according to their works from each according to their needs. We move closer to this every day.

3. The Rule of Law
We are a Nation of Laws. We believe in being subject to these laws. If we think a law is unjust we have a means to remove these laws. Why is it that there are those within our country and in our very govt. who feel they can do as they wish and to heck with the law. Too often those in power disregard the laws they do not agree with. Heck, they disregard the very constitution our country is founded upon!

4. Free Markets
The most basic principle of the strong country that we became was because of our Founders belief in a free market system. When Gov't gets involved with business, business suffers. The less Gov't gets involved, ie regulation and taxation, the more business flourishes. Taxes are a necessary evil in order to sustain our defense and a limited govt. But the lower those taxes on the people and the corporations, the more revenue Gov't receives. This is a fact, proven during Dwight D. Eisenhower's presidency as well as during Ronald Wilson Reagan's.

5. A Strong National Defense
Now, I agree that the constitution does not provide for a standing army. But it did provide for a navy in order to protect the nation from foreign invaders. The idea behind not providing for a standing army was that our founders did not want war. They believed that a standing army would look for a reason to go to war. Today's world is drastically different in that the threats facing this country are numerous. The foes bent on our destruction are also numerous. With a strong military we can respond to threats but we can also prevent countless others just by being such a formidable military might. I do not agree with all the foreign posts we are presently in(why do we still need 35,000 troops in South Korea?) but I do support taking the fight to the enemy and not just sit back waiting for them.

We as conservatives have an opportunity to redefine the republican party and appeal to the whole of the country who are yearning for a party to really identify with their conservative values. Can the republicans become that party? I believe that they can. If we all stand up for our principles and demand that our politicians do the same.

And when they don't we need to replace them!


RandiSue said…
I always enjoy reading your blog. And was just wondering if being an avid follower and listing your blog address when asked my political views makes me a Jedi?
ajwhet10 said…
Ya RandiSue, and if you DO something about it, that makes you a Jedi Warrior! :)

Re: this post:
It will take a LOT of people standing up and demanding it before politicians begin to run campaigns on principles rather than polls.

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