Tea Party in Arizona

Yes, Arizona is alive and well. Something about being around thousands of like minded patriots that really invigorates me.

Americans of ALL ages were present and accounted for. It is our children and grandchildren who are really saddled with all this debt after all.

Because of the layoff last month, I find myself working several lower paying jobs to try and make ends meet. So I was not able to show up to the event until right about 6:00pm. I have to say that as I was driving past the crowds already gathered on sidewalks and holding signs on corners, I got chills right down my spine.

I was pleased to see that Ronald Wilson Reagan was represented. I believe in what he said when he stated that government is not the answer, govt. is the problem. We need to shrink Govt., not grow it!

I had an awesome conversation with this lady. She said that she does not like to label herself as anything but an American but feels betrayed by the media and being exploited by Obama for political gain. We are not the same age but turns out we grew up about 1 mile from each other.

Here were real Americans. Americans who had enough of this tyranny. As we are led around by the chains of taxation it is good to see some really see just how much we are taxed, taxed and taxed again.

  • There were so many good signs and even better people at this event. There were hundreds of police present and they seemed bored. Why is it that when conservative and loyal Americans get together in large crowds WE manage to handle ourselves with dignity.

  • .As an American and a self proclaimed Son of Liberty I was proud of my fellow Americans here and everywhere else where they were gathered in protest to the untold trillions of dollars being spent by Obama and congress under the guise of "what's good for us".

  • I see our movement sparking, now we need to press forward and band together. As one sign said,"We surround them!" we are many, and we have the power to take back this govt and strip it back to the state in which it was meant to operate.

  • God Bless America!


Rev. Paul said…
Thank you for this report - it's so good for ALL of us to see how many like-minded people are out there.

God bless you - and may you find a great job soon.
Jay21 said…
I couldn't make it, had to sell some guns, so at least in my mind it is a justified excuse. Thanks for showing up on mine and others behalf. Great report of the event

RhondaLue said…
It was so cool to hear Ben asking for explanations about so many different questions that were brought to his mind. I also liked that whenever he saw a camera he loudly stated, "NO MORE DEBT! WE HAVE ENOUGH DEBT ALREADY!!!!!!!!"

future politician? I think so.
ajwhet10 said…
This event did not get NEARLY enough publicity. Thanks for sharing on your well-read blog.
Anonymous said…
Posted 8-26-2009
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