Attack from all sides

So it is nothing new these days to feel like the enemies of freedom are at the gates and the foundation is crumbling. But even those who would call themselves conservatives are starting to attack from within.

Too long we have had those in the republican party who did not, and do not, uphold true conservative ideals. It is only too obvious by looking at what the republican majorities did the last time they were in power(and what they DIDN'T do as well) It is evident that many RINO's(Republicans in name only) have infiltrated the once dominantly conservative party.

It has caused me to ask often whether it may be time to join or try and create a new party. One that would represent my conservative values. A party that would try and realize the founders dream of what role government should play in the lives of Americans.

What so many have lost sight of is the fact that we rebelled against England because they were trying to control too much of our everyday life. When we finally won our independence we were a Free nation. But was that to last? There were some who would have been fine with starting our own American Royalty and installing a King(George Washington) This and many other ideas were squashed because the revolution was fought to allow the people of this land to be free and to prosper according to their works.

The fact was that having NO government would have left anarchy. Too much Government would have been what they had just fought against. These heavenly inspired men,( and yes I said it, HEAVENLY INSPIRED,) came up with a balanced government. They never once designed our federal government to be the oppressive and omniscient force that it is today. It was designed as defined in the United States Constitution to be a federal republic. The states would hold the power. That's right, the states! The federal Government existed mostly to make sure the states got along. It was also in place to make sure that no state stepped on the inherent rights of its citizens. They pledged to all of us that we would have the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

LIFE - No person or group would posses any right to take away the life of another. While slavery was a real issue that unfortunately could not be fully addressed, the keys were set in place to address it as we matured as a nation. We all have the right to live our life as we would so choose up until those choices infringe on anothers same right. And this is where government has a role. Only to ensure that one's rights are not infringed.

Liberty - We are free to make our own choices. Again, up until those choices infringe on another. With the liberty to chose comes the responsibility to own the consequences. What we have today are entire generations who cannot or will not take ownership of their own choices. For example, many liberals claim that what a woman does with her body is her choice. I would agree. Those same liberals say a woman can have pre-marital unprotected sex with any number of partners and it is her choice. I would agree with this. These liberals would then say that if she became pregnant because of these choices that she has the right to kill her baby in the womb(abortion). This I do not and cannot agree with. While she has the right to choose her behavior, once there is another life created, the decision to abort her baby infringes on the baby's right to life. Does not this life, which if not snuffed by abortion, have the right to it's life and the Liberty to pursue his/her happiness. (I could keep going, but maybe in another post)

Pursuit of Happiness - Just to make things clear, there is nothing, I say again Nothing, in the United States Constitution that guarantees somebody's happiness. What is protected is the right to pursue ones own happiness. And again, only as far as it does not infringe on anothers rights. I may have the right to start a business if that is my desire. What is not guaranteed, is the success of that business. Even if I work hard at something I cannot expect the government to ensure it's success. 16 plus years of recent modern economic growth under free market capitalism is ignored today. We want to now put everyone on a level playing field regardless of whether or not they are truly successful. If I produce widgets and I work really really hard but nobody wants one of my widgets, what gives the government any right to make sure I get a fair share of the market? They have no right. Free markets dictate what is bought and sold according to supply and demand. What sense is it to restrict the market from making what is demanded because we want to lift another business.

And then we are where we are at today. Many even in the GOP are just selling America "less" government that the liberals who are running the democrats party. What is it going to take for true conservatives, who are many and found in all party's, to stand up and demand LESS from government? What will it take to turn back towards the constitution and framers intents which are so obvious?

When will we gather together as Sons of Liberty. When will we raise the standard of liberty and proclaim our freedom and demand we get back to some semblance of what our founders envisioned and left to us?

We need to take back our political parties and make them accountable to us!


Rev. Paul said…
Very well said, sir.

Regarding a new political party, I'm watching the American Conservative Party with great interest. Their platform seems sound, and I couldn't find anything to disagree with on an initial read-through.

If you interested (and all I've done is sign up for more info, so I'm not shilling for them), go to theamericanconsertives dot org.
Jay21 said…
Great essay. I do believe "we", as a country need to get away from a party system all together. While i understand we will never be rid of "political parties" as a whole, the idea that citizens can be broken down to 1-2-3 or even 6 parties is a sad under-estimation. Keep thinking and writing. Only together can we reclaim Liberty. As Thomas paine let us know “If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”

ajwhet10 said…
Thank you! The two major parties seem to be based more on opinion polls than on common values, and there is getting to be too little difference between them. We will never ALL want the same things from government, but I think that more and more of us want more of a choice that reflects more of our values.

Write on!

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