Time for a Revolution!

It IS time for a revolution in America! Thomas Jefferson, a true patriot, once stated in a letter, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

I do not sense that it is yet the time to take up arms and storm the capital. But I have never been so outraged by the acts of MY government. There is a shell game of epic proportions going on and there WILL be disastrous results.

We may not be too late to right this ship. But the ship IS sinking. If we do not plug the holes, no matter how much water we bail out, the final outcome is eminent.
Read , The Third Conservative Revolution for ideas on how we can once again force the conservative to be heard. But I say lets go one better. It is not only time for the politicians to work for the conservatives, it is time for them to BE conservatives.

I call for a vetting. There needs to be no quarter for any politician who would sell his/her/our principles for any price. There are those who say to work with Washington elite one has to learn to compromise. I then say we can compromise on how much to cut the tax burden on America each year. I say lets compromise how much to reign in an out of control federal system that systematically goes against the very nature of the constitution.

Jim DeMint may be one of those who can lead this charge, but we must choose our leaders carefully so as to not end up with what we have, Wolves in sheep's clothing. Read here what Sen. DeMint has to say about wasteful spending.

It starts with us. It always has. But we have all grown to busy with our important lives. We must now sacrifice our time and our voice and sometimes our friends in order to have our voice heard. We can no longer be silent, afraid to offend those who are too simple minded to see what is happening. We must stop the emotional shell game that pulls at the heart strings.

Liberals claim they want what is fair for all. That is a lie. They want to take from person A and give to person B. Never mind why person A has more than person B. There is always a sad story to make us feel bad. That then equals about 100 million tax dollars worth of welfare. Before welfare there was not nearly the amount of unemployment there is today. Why? Because the reward for not working is sometimes incentive enough to sit idle and let someone else foot the bill.

I lost my job in march. I took a job at a significant(60%) cut in income. But it was a steady job in a not so job rich environment. I have looked for something steady to take its place but keep working. I have had to get rid of the truck I loved. We as a family have given up many things we wish we did not have to. For the first time in my children's lives they are experiencing what it really means to do without. Now, I could have sat at home and collected unemployment, and many in my situation have. It is not that much less after all. But we have an obligation to go to work. We must find gainful employment and provide an honest days work for an honest wage. I will work hard and try to make my current situation better. And I do "hope for change" in my future. But not the change we are seeing now.

I do not want my government to take away from someone else who has not experienced what I have been going through and then give it to me.

I WANT THEM TO GET OUT OF THE WAY! Do you hear me? We are heading towards civil unrest because they, the political elite, have painted America into a class envious society instead of a nation of the hard working people we are. WE AMERICANS CAN DO ANYTHING! It is our govt which keeps us down.

I used to hear talk of a crumbling America and dared not believe it. But I see the signs. They are all around us. If we do not take political action now, while we can, what choices will be left. They will take and take and take until what we have to fight with will no longer be our votes.


Will it be our blood, or our children's?


Anonymous said…
Hey, at least our President has received the Nobel Peace Prize. I suppose telling every possible foreign nation how terrible the US is promotes peace.

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