How much does your public education systen cost you?

So, do you have any idea just how much your public education system costs you? You may be surprised.

Yesterday, in elections across the state of Arizona, voters approved additional funding for the various school districts. Why did they do this? Because liberal press and teachers have been crying that without additional funding the kids are not going to have school lunch and teachers are gong to be fired and the fear mongering goes on and on.

I want to share some facts with you. In Arizona the average take per student for a school is a little over $10,000. That is not a misprint. A little over a third of that comes from the state budget and the rest from the federal tax money. This is why so many professional educators are so anti-homeschooling. If the student is not enrolled they do not get full money. But they do not give it to home schooled children either.

Do some basic math. If there are 25 children per classroom average, then that class is allotted $250,000 for that class. If a school has grades k - 6 and three classes per grade, then that equals $5.2 million given to that school.

What is your money buying? It is not paying teachers great salaries. Lets say every teacher makes an average of $65,000(pretty good). That's only 1.37 million. Add a staff of ten administrators, janitors etc for another $650,000. That is a $3.18 million left over for books paper, pencils, instruments, equipment, facilities etc. PER YEAR! PER AVERAGE SMALL SCHOOL!


You think there is a lot of waste and corruption? You have no idea how bad it is. But my kids teacher tells him to come home and tell his parents to vote for the schools to get more money or there wont be any books in the library and no kick balls on the playground. This is getting ridiculous. More and more so every day. We keep adding programs and giving away more and more to more and more people. Which, in case you sheep out there didn't know, costs you more and more money.

Yes, even you lower income earners who are benefiting from all the free programs and such. The money comes from additional sales taxes on the goods and services you use. It comes from just one more tax hike on a gallon of gas. (evil oil companies....right!) And when one company incurs a new tax, it has no choice but to incorporate that added cost into the price of the product or service.

I am sick to death of even those who claim to be conservatives yammering for certain programs.
You know what, someone I admire asked me if it wouldn't be fairer to give the parents the money, all of it, and let them teach their kids. Heaven knows most of us could use it better. Trips to the nations capital for example. Problem is, it is not our money. Everyone pays into the system for education but only those with children benefit. (or do they)

Public education is a privilege and is not a right. All in all the education systems are failing us and are not cost effective. We are blessed to have what we have but we are negligent with the money we take for it. There is no realaccountability.

If we are going to have public education in this country then lets be accountable. The first thing that needs to be done is doing away with the federal department of education. It is useless and takes even more tax money with little to show for it. Let the states tax, provide and be accountable for the education in thier own states. Heck this goes for road construction as well,. what gives anyone the right to tax someone in Rhode Island to build a road in Oregon? But this is a topic for another post. As a people we need to take back the education and what is being taught. The LA Raza Studies program in Tucson is just one example of the corruption and misinformation being allowed to be taught.

The new funds approved in my district are going to cost the average family $155 more a year. For what I ask? To save our schools I am told. What a load of hogwash. My state under Janet Napalitano increased funding to education at twice the rate of economic growth and now that revenues are down drastically they do not want to make any cuts. Come the heck on! Nobody is asking for teachers to be fired left and right and books to be unavailable. Why does a school need a budget of 10,000 for a new copier every two years? Do we need to have all day kindergarten when the main reason is to help with day care costs for parents. Sorry not a good enough reason. I know my kids already have to bring most of their supplies from home now anyway. Government is out of control with spending. So too are the school systems. At the very least it is time to tighten the belts and pinch the pennies, not ask for more money.

Maybe they should make things last a little longer in these tough times, just like the rest of us are.


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