On John McCain

I do not have the time that I would like to spend venting on this blog.  I am working full time, for less than half the pay I used to.  I am going to school again full time, taking a 180 degree turn from what I did to pursue what I want to do.  I also have a large family, who I love to spend time with, although it is not very often, especially now.  And yet......I am full of anger, and upset at those who would have my grandkids shoulder a debt, that I doubt at this point they will even be able pay. 

So what democrat has me fired up now you ask?

No democrat my friend, but a republican.  A few of them in fact.

Okay, where should I start?  Well, first of all I am proud of the almost overwhelming solidarity against Obamacare from the republicans.  That is to be applauded to be sure.  But it if it was just partisan, then the Dems could have pushed this through before Scott Brown ever won his seat.  So, if democrats can't even pass some crazy liberal pet bill through their own party, this is bigger than partisanship.  And Washington knows it. 

The people all across the United States are fed up.  They were fed up when republicans took over congress under Clinton and after a short stint at conservative legislature, just went to growing government again.  The only difference between republicans and democratrs became how much and how fast they would grow it.

George Bush took over after Clinton, and while he was better than either democrat put up against him, you would have to stretch things to label him a conservative.  And yet, the majority of this country IS conservative.  No matter how the left tries to label conservatism as an evil entity, most Americans believe in its core principles. 

Obama rode to victory on a people fed up with those in Washington, democrat and republican.  He said all the right things and because the media helped shield his true agenda, he won the presidency.  This is done and there is nothing we can do about it. (not til 2012 that is)

The republican choice, even though I voted for him, was no better than a lesser evil.  McCain is no conservative.  He pulled Palin in as Vice president to bring conservatives into his camp.  Then he muzzled her and let her take a beating from the media.  (probably glad for it because she was more popular with his base than he was)  McCain had no less than 100 chances to really "go after" Obama.  Instead he chose to 'take the higher ground'. 

Look, I am very glad McCain did not get elected President.  In hind site, he probably would have passed the same stimulus bill and many of the other bills through, no matter how watered down, because he would want to 'reach across the aisle'(read: sacrifice conservative principles).  Then, when we were in this mess we are in, the left and the media would say how everything is the fault of republicans and conservatives and then we would get an Obamaesque character in 2012 and we would really head to where we may have never recover from.

So, on to why I am funing.  What is going on with all the support for McCain?  Palin came out in support and I cringed, hoping she just felt obligated because she was his vice-presidential running mate.  Then Romney came out in support.  What the heck!  I know he comes from Massachusetts, but he has been a voice of conservatism(albeit, moderate conservatism) since his failed bid for President.  And today I heard an add for McCain from Senator Kyl from here in Arizona, lauding his achievements and what he is doing in his republican leadership role. 

Oh, and McCain is waging the kind of viscious campaign we would have liked to see him wage against Obama.  But it is against his chief republican primary opponent, J.D. Hayworth.  J.D. was a news personality quite a ways back who then turned his passion for politics into a stint in the U.S. House of Representatives.
He lost after two terms to a democrat and licked his wounds and went to rediscover his conservative roots, which after straying from, is what got him axed.  He found his niche in talk radio, attacking liberal and leftist agendas with fire and passion that I,for one,  liked to hear.

He is by far, more conservative than McCain, and more willing to stand up for conservative values, not putting them aside to 'reach across the aisle'.  So why would those at the head of the republican party support the rino?  Is it because they are scared of what a pissed off McCain will do to those who did not support him if he loses?  Are they worried he will take his large war chest and smear those who have ambition in the 2012 race if they do not support him now?  Makes me wonder.  Here is McCain, who NOW, says all the right conservative things with anger and pointedness.  Where was this McCain  during his run for President?

 McCain is not the answer and I am ashamed of any republican who says they are supporting conservative principles and then give McCain their support. 

John McCain has served America and her people long enough.   Please John, have the decency to know you no longer have our support and do not reflect our desires and interests.  I applaud your service and cannot imagine what you went through as a prisoner of war.  Up until your first un-successful bid for President you even represented conservatism.  But the time has come to step aside and let the true conservatives take control.  We cannot trrust you any longer.

Washington D.C. and every state in this Union is now officially 'ON ALERT', we will not be kept silent, we will take back this country.  It will start by re-claiming the republican party.

  Rino season is now open, no limit!


RandiSue said…
So nice to hear from you again ARMED CITIZEN.

When I heard McCain attack JD the way he should have attached Obama it crossed my mind that McCain was in bed with Obama all along.

I too am very disappointed in the support McCain is getting but glad to find out who the rinos are.
RhondaLue said…
I have little faith in any of the "big names" including Hayworth. It would be nice to find someone that has, ALL ALONG, stuck with what they believed was right in conservative values. I don't believe I'll vote for either of them. I'll likely be voting for Chris Simcox, the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and a prominent figure in the movement to clamp down on illegal immigration. At least he is who he says he is and hasn't wavered according to who the audience is. Likely, he has no real chance at winning but I can no longer vote for the lesser of the two. I will vote my conscious. If enough people did this...we might actually see some *good* change in this country of ours.
RhondaLue said…
*conscience* is what I meant to say-woops!
Simcox has dropped out of the race and given his support to J.D. Hayworth. But indeed, simcox was and is consistant and unwavering in his beliefs. Jim Deakin is the only other candidate in the primary left.
RhondaLue said…
dangit! Deakin is my 2nd choice, then Hayworth, and never McCain again. I respect the man but cannot vote for him.
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