I have not posted since I first found out about my brother being killed in action.  I would be lying if I did not say that his death has not had a deep and devastating affect on me.  Jake was my little brother, but he was also a friend.  Aside from my wife, he knew me probably better than anyone.  We grew up together, sharing a lot of the same experiences and being shaped by a lot of the same influences.  It never mattered how long it had been between visits, a lot never had to be said.  I treasure the personal and private conversations where he would share a lot of the buried and not so pretty moments that a soldier has to endure.  And then we could laugh and poke fun at some of the lighter moments.  I have never been a soldier, but through my brother came to understand what it takes to be both a good soldier and a good friend to a soldier.

One thing that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that Jake loved being a soldier, loved serving his country, believed in his Ranger Creed down to his bones and would do anything for his fellow soldiers or to defend his country.  I said it at his funeral and know it to be true:  If he had been told the mission, the day and the time of his death, he would not have stood down, because to do so would have put another soldiers life in danger.  A great friend of his was hurt in the same IED explosion.  You can understand the grief he has felt.  I am sure there was even guilt that it was my brother and not him.  That is how these heroes of our country think.  The men and women who are serving this great land of ours are not politicians.  They are not making foreign policy or signing treaties.  But these heroes are what ensure the freedoms we enjoy.  They make it possible for this great country to be as great as it is.

So, I will come out of hiding and start posting again.  My brother died for something.  We talked about politics and about the direction this country is headed.  There are people in our government who would surrender our freedoms.  There are those who would trade some of our freedoms for "security" or "common good". but they have forgotten those who have given their lives to ensure that future generations have the same freedoms our forefathers fought and died for.

We already do not have the same freedoms, but I for one will fight for these freedoms to be restored as well as for the freedoms we still have as Americans.  We are not a European or South American Socialist country.  If those in government positions want what these countries have, I will start a collection to send them there.
Let us stand up and be heard.  Each one of us have a debt to those soldiers, that throughout the years have risked or given their lives so that we have that right.

Please get involved America!  Please learn about our constitution.  Learn about the founding fathers and how we formed this great United States of America.  Our founders were not perfect, but they did create the nearest to perfect document and form of government that has ever existed on the face of this earth.  I cannot stomach those who do not vote and abhor those who blindly vote based on a slogan or a media slant.  I can accept any opposing vote when there is an educated voter on the other side of the lever who knows what or whom they are voting for and has listened to both sides.  Is this such a hard concept?

When there is a problem in this country, we do not need to always turn to the Federal Government.  Our Federal Government is already too big!  Our country cannot continue at the rate it is going.  The writing is on the walls.  There is a potential for civilization as we have built it, to fall like a house of cards.  We need to grab the steering wheel back from govt control.  Unfortunately this means becoming more involved with government, taking power and then being willing to abdicate some of that power back to the States and to the people.  PLEASE GET INVOLVED, even if it is just at the local level.

I am running for my fourth consecutive stint as Precinct Committeeman in my local precinct.  This is the first time that there are more people on the ballot for this position than there are positions to fill.  This excites me, as it is telling of the atmosphere of "the people".  This is how we take back America.  WE THE PEOPLE!  I do not care what the media reports, people are waking up and realizing how far both parties, and especially the current powers that be, have taken us away from the freedoms we were originally ensured.  November will be the beginning, and with enough support, we can be a nation OF THE PEOPLE once again.


Ryan Lamb said…
Thank you for serving as a voice of reason. From a US Army OIF combat vet we need to take back this nation. We are the Sons of Liberty we are Freedom. Thank You!

Another Armed US citizen
Jay21 said…
Welcome back, glad to see you are up and running again.
Good to be back. Washington and Obama in particular have really got me fired up!

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