This is not the headline of the news today. Not for us anyway. In Honduras however, it has happened.

In the first military coup in Central America since the end of the cold
soldiers stormed the presidential palace in the capital, Tegucigalpa, early
in the morning, disarming the presidential guard, waking Mr. Zelaya and
him on a plane to Costa Rica.
Mr. Zelaya, a leftist aligned
President Hugo
of Venezuela, angrily denounced the coup as illegal. “I am the
president of Honduras,” he insisted at the airport in San José, Costa Rica,
still wearing his pajamas.
The military itself has not offered any explanation for the coup, but the Supreme Court has said that the military was defending the constitution against “those who had publicly spoken out and acted against the Constitution’s provisions.” They went on to say that they supported the military's actions and that they accepted the letter of resignation from Mr. Zelaya. Mr. Zelaya denies having ever written it.

Part of what helped things escalate to this point was the fact that Mr. Zelaya was trying to set himself up like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. He was patterning his agenda after the social populist regime Chavez has instituted. He was forcing a bill into passing that would allow Presidents no term limits. They are currently limited to 4 years as dictated by their constitution.

This is not the end of the story, nor even why I post about it at all. I wonder if I am the only one who sees things the way I see them. President Obama and the Organization of American States are denouncing the coup and demanding Mr. Zelaya be returned to power. Of course, Chavez has issued similar threats. He stated,“They are creating a monster they will not be able to contain,” he told a local television station in San José. “A usurper government, that emerges by force, cannot be accepted, will not be accepted by any country.”

-And yet, was this not what we, The United States, did by fighting our revolution and throwing out England and their King?

It may yet be too late for the Honduran people. There are many who want the socialist brand of Government. There may even be a majority of poor downtrodden who think it is okay to take away from others in order to give to them. That is why there are small protests on the street in support of Mr. Zelaya.

And this is why we need to re-educate our fellow Americans. The United States of America is not a democracy! It is a republic, and may we keep it, as Benjamin Franklin is purported to have said.

Our constitution laid it out for us. We have natural rights. Rights not granted by a federal govt. but to be defended by it. This is an important distinction. In a democracy, 50% plus one could vote away the rights of the rest of us. Our founders were wise enough to know that history had proven men were too easily corrupted by power and so created a nation that would have a government that would answer to the people.

Well, they are not answereing to us. It is time they do.

I cannot imagine our military taking action against our lawmakers who are running roughshot over our constitution. But I do expect our military to ensure our right to voice our displeasure and run the politicians and liberal socialists out of town. But we will not end there. Any member of congress needs to go who has not stood against this growing of government. There needs to be an accounting. We are provided this by our constitution. It is time we took back the government and gave back the power to the states where it belongs.

Sons and daughters of libery, it is up to us.


RandiSue said…
I am terrified of what our kingsmen government leaders are doing to this country and I too wonder if anyone else is seeing things the way I do.
I think we need to overthrow our current leadership by way of election. But whatever happened to the true conservative candidate, where are they? Who is going to be my Reagan?
Rev. Paul said…
Very well said, and RandiSue has a point, too. "...some have greatness thrust upon them." - it may well be that some wake up and take the lead only when they recognize that no one else will. I pray to God that it's not too late.
Heli gunner Tom said…
I love this post and your blog!
I took the oath to defend the U.S. Constitution when I entered the Army and then served 2 tours in Vietnam: 68-70.
Obama is an evil puke and some say: the "Anti-Christ."

Tom Schuckman
One Voice of Reason said…
Thanks for the great post. I dont know as of yet just who our "Reagan" will be either. But it needs to be more than just one voice.

We need to grow this from the grassroots up. There will be a vetting and the cream will surely rise.
Anonymous said…
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