IT IS TIME.....or there will be blood.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have just about had it with those who are at the political head of this country!

When I was first able to vote, I voted for George Bush. Not "W", but his father. After watching Reagan for 8 years I was excited to carry on where he was leaving off. I have never before wavered in my support given to the republican party. I knew that deep conservative principles was where my loyalties should lie.

Where have those principle gone? Believe it or not, I have become wiser the older I have become. As Reagan said, Trust but Verify! I have been trusting "republicans" with MY government without really verifying what they stood for or where they stood on the issues.

Obviously McCain was not a conservative. And yet I voted for him. What was I thinking? I was selling my country down the river for a lesser of two evils. I know I am not alone.

Flashback: I have a very wise cousin. He advised me during "W's" re-election campaign that Bush did not represent conservatives and that good and conservative voters needed to support candidates that did, despite the outcome. I could not see past the immediate election. I was scared to death of seeing Kerry as President. I could not let my country bear that burden.

And yet, here we are, 100 times worse off than anything Kerry would have been able to accomplish with a still large republican showing in congress. Instead, after a Bush and republican "slower moving toward socialism" now the liberals have managed to move the democrat party even farther left because the country demanded change.

We wanted change? Well, we got it! But not change for the better. And now as more and more Americans are realizing just what the liberal elite have in store for them, they are being silenced.
There is the media blackout that still manufactures feel-good stories about this administration and blames and shortfalling on the exiting administration and the republicans. And now they are locking out dissenting views from these so called town hall meetings.

This is no longer about party. The party system is broken America.

It is time to vote them ALL out. I propose, as many others have, that we institute a one and done philosophy. Our wise founding fathers never intended "the people" to be represented by "career" politicians. Unless they know that they are going to be back in the workforce after one term, they will not do what is necessary to free us from the chains that years and years of unconstitutional legislation have shackled us with.

If a politician does not support term limits, VOTE THEM OUT, and DO IT NOW! Once we have a majority we can start to change things. And this applies to all the staffers and aides who are running everything under the radar.

Strip this federal monster of the unrighteous power it has created for itself.

I for one cannot support ANY party even though I am a member of the republican party (for now) I will meet each candidate based on thier principles and maybe just maybe we can fix what has happened to this country.....................

Before it will require blood to do so!


RandiSue said…
I too am a frustrated republican. How do we fix a broken government if there are no candidates worthy of a vote? Do I become a constitutionalist or will that be throwing away a vote? Do I remain republican and just vote for the lesser of two evils?
I hear plenty of complaints but no solutions. What is the solution?

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