What can YOU do?

I am really quick to point out what is wrong with our government today. But what do we do? How do we fix anything?

Well, I believe the first step is opening our mouths. Stop being afraid of offending someone. When was the last time a liberal worried about offending a conservative. Be respectful and polite but stand by your principles.

True liberals who know what they are doing cannot be reasoned with. These are not people who can be reasoned with and so do not waste time arguing. These are the weather underground types who want to see America brought down and converted to a socialist state and so are pleased to see the destruction of the constitution and are also proponents of a larger welfare state.

But America is not populated by a majority of such thinkers. We are only led to believe this. Our far left media would promote it as such and present scenarios that many Americans feel passionate about. But when presented with facts and nothing but the facts most of these same passionate Americans are appalled at the lies they have been fed and the disinformation they hear.

We need to shed light on these issues as we see them. Share them with our friends and with our family. Politics are not fun but we are talking about our children's future.

We also need to not be party centered. I for one, as evidenced by my last post, cannot stand behind the republican party as a whole. But what we can do is voice our principles, our conservative principles, and support candidates who will represent those principles, regardless of party. If this means supporting a third party then so be it. But I will no longer consider a vote for the best qualified candidate as throwing my vote away.

Conservatives still are the majority in this country. It is time to stand together and take back this country. One seat at a time. One issue at a time.

Do not compromise.

Do not give in.


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