Bailout farce!

So just a quick note to bring everyones attention to the fact that the stock market is still diving. Does not surprise me. And of course, congress says it is now because there needs to be action on the bill faster. No, there should be NO action. I am still visibly shaken over the fact that so many of our elected representatives felt it necessary to go against the Constitution of the United States by passing this massive bailout.

I heard Tom Coburn's speech on the floor before the vote. I felt relieved that at least some members of congress had the Constitution in mind. But then he went against his own rhetoric and voted for the bill.

Why? He states on his web site that it was because Congress was the problem and he needed to take responsibility in dealing with it.

I'm sorry, but that doesn'tcut it. That's like saying I will put another hole in the bottom of my boat because it is my fault the first one is there. And then hope that the water from the first hole will exit through the second hole. I am so disgusted with those who tout the good of main street.

I realize that we are in a financial crisis. And I can point to many things that led to this. Let's correct what is broken. Not throw more money at it. To those of you who took loans out you knew you could not afford. I am sorry, but you gotta give up the house. That's how it works.

Everyone does not have a 'right' to own a home. Just like not everyone has the 'right' to a seven figure income. In life we are not all equal. If you need to live somewhere where the government takes from those who produce and gives to those who do not, then move to Venezuela. I hear there is lots of room there. Hugo Chavez has run off all the big bad capitalists. Hey, sounds like nirvana for liberals. Oops, I forgot. Liberals need big bad capitalists. That way they can bleed them dry and move closer to socialism.

Where is this country going? It is not too late. We must start making lawmakers accountable. We do that at the ballot box. We need a new revolution. One that will bring back the strength and honor of this country. We as Americans have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to feel guilty about.

I love my country and will fight for her to the end. I know I am not alone. The evil is widespread and deep rooted. But good people standing together can prevail. That is my hope for change in this country. Change in Government and hope for a more constitutionally led nation.


RhondaLue said…
You know what really kills me?

These folks who knowingly bought a home that they could not afford will now be "bailed out". Yes..these people will get up to 10years of INTEREST ONLY payments on their big homes that were out of their budget. This is while WE bought a smaller home that we COULD afford the payments on..and we will continue to pay our payments on schedule. We are rewarding people for living without the means and then the rest of us will pay what they can' the form of taxes.

Yep these BAILOUT billions have to comefrom somewhere and it'll be our pockets. Oy vay.
Jay21 said…
I have also been following the speechs given, and the cotridicting votes with disdain. I have similar concerns to Rhondalues. I believe in my heart that this is the "new" power play. If i could sell my house on market today for zero profit I would, along with a bunch of techno crap i once thought i needed. This would bring me closer to "freedom." I believe a deliberate attempt was made to get as many people into crippling loans as possible. Then let pride and fear (your permanent record)ride the wave. As people are distracted with "my house", the power structure over your daily life and liberties is shifted to the bank, a la Federal Reserve. Welcome to Coup d'etat 2008. Next step will be "congressional control" not oversight of the FR, that along with the changes in Constitutional interpretation, and we are a true oligarchy.

We are in for a long run, prepare as best you can.
ajwhet10 said…
I am amazed at the media hype that makes mountains out of molehills, heroes out of smooth-talkers, and victims out of criminals. That, not the economic crunch, is what scares me.

Oh yes, and things like what happened to our friend, Hal Fish. See
Blog Stalker said…
Spot on! And as far as mountains out of molehills go, there are some huge mountains that need some leveling right now. The problems are that there are too many out there telling us that mountains ARE mole hills.

Good peole should stand up and do something. great post.

Have a great day!
Aprilyn said…
I'm a friend of rhondalue's from a preemie group so long ago. :)

Do you think McCain and Pallin are going to make a difference for the good? I am NOT voting for Obama, in case you're wondering. NO WAY would I vote for him.

I HATE that the government gives companies like AIG money to keep from going bankrupt. And what do they do with that money?? Take their executives to a fancy spa treatment in California and then ask the Government for more money. I hear California and Massachusetts and New York are all in line for a bailout too. ARGH!
Dan the Man said…
All this is so upsetting to me. I stopped blogging because it would consume me at this point. Why just today UK nationalized their banks. Capitalism is shrinking fast and being blamed for all the woes (tho it was socialism wearing capitalistic 'sheeps clothing'). Socialism is growing by leaps and bounds and taking root in the minds of many worldwide.
Anonymous said…
“To those of you who took loans out you knew you could not afford. I am sorry, but you gotta give up the house. That's how it works.”

Those in Power rejoice when you make such comments. Because they are engaged in the Art of Misdirection..

Get this straight.. That house was never worth $600,000 to begin with everyone involved from the Appraiser to the Broker knew that.

So did the poor saps who had few choices other than to wrap that albatross around their necks.

Take a good look around you..

Are you in a safe place to raise your kids.?

Safer than East LA? Chances are like me you are.

Do you have a few dollars at the end of the month to stash in the piggy bank.. Chances are if you are reading this, like me you do..

Like me do you have a fixed rate on any mortgages you may have..

Or better yet have you paid off your Mortgage?

It all does not matter...


It does not matter because under the so called conservative Bush the Bankers here in the US floated the Dollar.. Made it worth half what it was 3-4 years ago..

That home your proud of, worked hard to get, hard to keep..

It is has already been devalued on the world market by half.

Now it has been devalued again by 30 percent..

In other words..

Those in power have already discounted your wealth as compared to other Modern Nations in the world by 80% and they proudly announced the fact that they were doing so.

You, I, all of us have been robbed.

To pretend this disaster was caused by the Mortgage Crisis. Low interest loans.. Is ridiculous and only serves to misdirect the people.

We have been robbed of our retirements. Robbed of the actual value of our Savings,

The loss of equity in our homes was simply the last thing to go.

All while those doing the robbing
Received millions in "Compensation" from boards they helped appoint for their "good work".

These corrupt degenerates, thugs in Brooks Brothers Suits have mugged the American people.

All of us...

The Mortgage and Banking Companies Spun up the Value of Homes beyond reason.

Even so, would you still not do everything in your power to get out of East LA and the 10 million Illegal Aliens living around you?.. (10 million illegals 10 extra electoral colledge votes based upon the Census which does not ask about legal status before counting people.. Is that how it works... (Some one help me out here cause I am not sure if I have that right) Can't be... Can it?

Would you not sign pretty much anything to get away before your 12year old daughter came home from school pregnant or maybe did not come home at all.. Or your son wound up murdered possibly for refusing to become involved in drug criminality.

Me I would live in a tent if that's what it took to get my kids away from that environment. Make no mistake Liberals and their Sancutary City programs across the US created this disaster where ever they held political sway.

Most normal folks held their noses and bought homes hoping for a better tomorrow.

Can you really blame them?

Keep in mind there is no Suspended Animation Machine our there.. Those kids will grow up ghetto or grow up in the Suburbs as their parents struggle and wonder what comes next.

Get off you fellow Americans Back..

They did not create this disaster in spite of what you might think..

A relatively small group of corrupt degenerate Republican and Democratic Leaders coupled with their Bosses in the Banking and International Corporate World did.. They still are and continue to drive this train towards the abyss confident when every last farthing has been squeezed from middle class Americans they can enslave the lot of us into their utopian vision of the world..

Do not savage your fellow Americans anymore.

Those international elitists in the Congress and the Senate, as well as those Corporate thugs on Wall Street will do it for you. While on their way to Monaco , the Riviera or any of the playgrounds of the International Rich and Famous..

While they smugly watch Americans go hungry and be ripped apart by strife. Political, Economic, Religious and Racial turmoil they worked so hard to foment and incite.

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