Not just a 'good ol boys' club.

When Gov. Palin was announced as the Vice Presidential running mate for Senator McCain, she absolutely electrified her Party. It was said that she was not part of the 'good ole' boys club.

Well, apparently she is not a part of the good ole' girls' club either.

I know that most of my life I have heard about the feminist movement. I have heard about the extremists who hate men and don't shave their arm pits. But there has always been a sense of Women as less in the workplace. It's constantly on the news as a headline story. We are shown sad despicable stories of bigotry. And we are shown uplifting stories of where women have achieved much in spite of the roadblocks put in front of them.

I believe this country has taken great leaps toward equality between the sexes. Do i think it's perfect? No way. There are plenty of prejudices in the world. But overall look at all the successful women in this country and one cannot deny the influence they are making in our society.

So with a chance to put a women in the second most powerful position in government, you might think women in other professions (journalists) would at least tip their hat to her knowing what she has had to do to get there. You would be wrong. Dead wrong. Not only are there not women's groups jumping to support Gov. Palin, they are actually attacking her. I guess we never realized that the only women these pro-women groups want to succeed are those who think exactly like they do. Same for all these liberal minded journalists. There is more viciousness towards Palin because she is a woman from liberal women.

I'll try and explain it better. Because she is a conservative. Because she is pro-Life, because she is God-fearing, because she hunts and fishes, because she embraces her femininity she is to be mocked, and slandered and dragged through the mud. By some of the same 'women' who say they had work harder to get ahead in their professions.

I am not the sharpest pencil in the case but this is sheer asinine. Instead of applauding her as a woman they attack her harder because she is not a liberal woman. No wonder less and less of America trust the mainstream media.

Truly sad. This Woman stands all on her own, not because she is a woman, but because she stands for the conservative values so many of us here in America still believe in. Tina Fey better keep the act polished. She will be doing the Palin bits for a long time to come.


Rach =o) said…
Fantastically written Jed. Thanks for another GREAT post!
Armed Citizen said…
And thank you for the comment. I do write this blog for my own creative outlet, but it is nice to receive a comment here and there.

Thanks homie!
Dan the Man said…
I hear ya! I just read your last 2 posts and they were great! (I haven't been very actively blogging and reading blogs this past month)

Keep it up!

BTW love the new look of your blog.

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