Politics and Common Sense

Politics and common sense.

Not two words you would think go together, at least not recently. When our founding fathers were caught up in the great cause of liberty they did not take the breaking of the ties with Britain lightly. Many of the founding fathers had deep and loyal feelings for their mother country. They thought of themselves as patriots to the crown. There were those who did not give being a 'subject ' to the crown even a second thought.

These 'revolutionaries' did not just wake up one day and decide they would fight a revolution. These men were good and just men. Most of them were well off, either by birth or by the sweat of ones brow. This new land America had truly given birth to a new feeling. A feeling that one could rise from nothing and become anything.

That great First American, Benjamin Franklin, was proof. Having been born very poor to a large family found himself an indentured servant or apprentice to his brother and his print shop. He ended up a very wealthy and learned man. He was known around the world for his many inventions and for his sharp intellect. He was living proof that America was a land of opportunity.

The King through his 'intolerable' acts actually pushed the colonies into action. Men were talking about the high taxes that was being levied on them. The fact that those from the colonies could not have representation in the house of commons frustrated many. There did not seem to be anyone on the colonists side. Looking back is easy to judge, but would it not have been so easy for the King to allow representatives from the American colonies to be represented? By men such as Franklin no less. I do not know what might have happened then, but things could have gone a lot differently. We may have become the greatest kingdom on the earth, making England the supreme power of the land.

What I am getting at is that idiots in the house of lords and in the house of commons 'fought' against American representation and looked down on those from the New Country. Did you realize that the men who fought for American Liberty in the revolution did so over less than what the Federal Government takes from it's citizens now? When the men who crafted the Constitution came together to write it they came prepared. They studied Greek and Roman ideas of Government. They tried to take into account weights and balance in government. Some wanted a more powerful central government. Some wanted to let the states keep the greater share of power over themselves. What we ended up with is the single greatest document ever written.

The checks and balances over the three branches of Government are meant to keep said government from becoming too big or overstepping it's authority. But what do we have today. Our federal government now has FORCED banks to hand over control to them. The federal Government has decided to take money from me and you and give it to those who have squandered what they were already in charge of.

Who gave them this power? I for one did not. We as a nation have sat by and let our Federal Government become the great leviathan that our Founding Fathers were trying so desperately to avoid. Even the most ardent and passionate Federalist would I think be appalled at what WE have allowed to happen. We have kicked God out of Everything. We have propped up those who do not produce. We have taken away incentive to succeed. We move closer to communism every day.

If you think that statement, "We are moving closer to communism every day" is a little far fetched then I propose you go get yourself a copy of the Communist Manifesto. It states very clearly the exact steps in achieving the communist agenda. If you follow its guidelines you will see that everything we are doing is leading down that path. The Leadership in the Democratic party and the Nominee for President from that same party have not even hidden some of the programs they propose. And Americans are praising him for it. I fear that the America I love is being sold down the river for a hand out. They are promising money for everyone. Where is it coming from? Either they are going to just keep printing money, which causes inflation and devaluation of the dollar, or they will just have to keep taking it from those who do produce and giving to those who do not.

Because I love my country, These United States of America, I will no longer be ignorant of what is going on around me. I may feel outnumbered or out gunned or out-anything else, but I will fight this spread of socialism and communism. I urge you, my fellow Americans to shout from the rooftops the injustices going on these here United States. Because of the brilliance of our forefathers, we have tools at our disposal. We have ways of dealing with politicians who would try and change America into the socialist states of America. We MUST elect politicians who will follow and honor the constitution. Men and Women who will strip away the programs that do not belong or that have been created unconstitutionally.

Facing the choice for President this year, we do not have a clear cut conservative constitutionalist candidate. Not from either Major party anyway. But we must take the lesser of two evils and avoid the rubber stamp veto-proof government we would create by electing Obama. But we must not stop there. We must put into power in congress men and women who WILL fight for mine and your rights as American citizens. It starts now and it needs to never stop. I care not for party but for principal. If there is a incumbent who has not represented us well, he or she must be replaced by someone who will. It really is that simple. Too many of us sit on the sideline and complain but stay out of politics because it is so polarizing or because we are afraid of offending someone. We do not even teach in most of the public schools what really happened in the creation of this great constitutional government.

We are all busy. We all feel pulled into many directions. But if we do not take a stand now, our children may not have the right to. That is not fear-mongering, that is cold reality.

God Bless America
The land that I love
Stand beside her
And guide her
Through the night
With a light
from above


Jay21 said…
Excellent post, the only thing I would add is that the colonists had a sense of community that is missing today. If we start by rebuilding this, everything else becomes within reach in my opinion. The Federal government holds no weight if the States choose not to recognize it, same as the State if the counties, the counties and the towns etc...
Lets keep working on the strong local base, hoping our hand is not forced by an over reaching police state action.
RhondaLue said…
very nicely stated!

It amazes me that so many Americans are OK with what is happening. Are they uniformed, have a skewed way of thinking, just plain stupid? I am bewildered at the slippery slope we, as Americans, find ourselves on. We are being carefully led down the road to communism.
ajwhet10 said…
More frightening than the government leading us into socialism is the fact that Americans are demanding socialism. Notice that the major candidates are knocking themselves out trying to say "I will take care of you," because that is the price of many people's votes. Being taken care of costs more of our freedom and more of our money. That "easy way" is not the self-reliant way that early patriots fought for. The "lesser of two evils," our congressional reps, etc. do need our input!

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