Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Innauguration Fun Facts

During President Bush's last Innaugural celebration he was assailed for the exhorbiant amount of money spent on the gala's and additional security.

Now, the money spent on the Balls and the other events are funded by private monies. That did not stop the critics of President Bush who said his supporters should spend that money somewhere else. They stated there were more pressing issues in the world that could use the money.

The Facts:

Bush's supporters spen over 40 million dollars on innauguration week.

For Bush's innauguration, 10,000 additional security forces (FBI i.e.) were used in Washington.

Obama's supporters are spending over 200 million dollars on innauguration week.

For Obama's innauguration, 50,000 additional security forces are being used in Washington

So, This was just to set the record Straight!

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Jay21 said...

Hope and change? As my wife says "I hope we have some change left in our accounts after he leaves office."

As Yoda said "It has begun."

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