The eyes are opening

I have been noticing that it is not all roses in the press for B Hussein Obama any more. I have been watching local newscasts which are critical of all the spending. I am not seeing the free pass given to Mr. Obama on every issue that he once had.

Now, that is not to say that they are treating him like they treated George Bush. Far from it, yet I think the luster is starting to fade. The thing about liberals is they want to implement their socialist agenda but they do not want to be held to it themselves.

They pushed Obama to the front and propagandized his campaign because he was "the one"

And now we have reckless spending gone wild and no checks or balances to keep back the mountain of special projects and bills that the liberals in The House and Senate have just been drooling over pushing into place.

I actually heard a very liberal journalist say he liked a lot of Obama's ideas but that he needed to pull back and stop because he is only hurting the economy. His only problem is that he thinks when the economy is righted that then it would be a good time for these bone headed spending orgies.

If I hear one more person tell me that 95% of Americans are going to get a tax cut I think I'll scream. The amount of spending already passed could not be paid if you collected all of the wealth that anyone making $75,000 a year or more had.

That's right! Every last penny taken from everyone creating wealth of 75,000 dollars or more would not come close to touching the deficit that they are creating. And yet we are still being sold the line from the Obama administration that they inherited a deficit and yada yada yada. So if inheriting a deficit was bad why would quadrupling it be a good thing?

If the trend continues, maybe we will get to see journalists actually start asking these questions.

The tide is turning, and not a moment too soon!


RhondaLue said…
Oy vay. Well he's spent any social security program WE'D get to use, and now anything our children would need as well. So thanks Obama for putting my BABIES future at risk too in one swift porked out stimulus "package".

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