More reason to love Obama

Of course the title of this post is absolutely a joke. I don't care if he could sell water to a drowning man, it doesn't do squat for the condition of this country.

Found out today that I will be joining the countless others out there who have lost their jobs. Why? Because there are not people who want the sort of projects that my company builds? Because there is no money in the pockets of these investors? No and no!

What happened is that Obama and the rest of the democratic elites have been talking down the economy for so long. They needed the country's economy to tank and so with the help of the liberally biased media they sold America a story of how bad the economy was. It does not take long for life to imitate art, or so they say. We as Americans got scared to spend our money. And when we stop spending money soon jobs are lost.

For example: I sell widgets. I employ a team of 20 to manufacture them and pay them well to do it. We turn a good profit and demand is high. Then our market base is told over and over and over again that the markets are failing and the sky is falling, yada yada yada. Soon, our base is buying way fewer widgets in expectation of a bad economy. Sales and demand drop so low I must now lay off half of my work force. These are real people with real families and now no paycheck. Because of their joblessness the commodities they used to purchase are now out of reach and so the sellers of those products see the demand go down and are forced to decrease their work force. It is a cycle that repeats and affects each and every business eventually. What about the suppliers of the parts I needed to make my widgets? They probably go through the same thing because I am ordering so much fewer parts. Pretty soon the doom and gloom is real, and that is when the liberals win.

This is not a joke, the liberals wanted this crisis. And as Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel said,"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." He goes on to say that in a crisis you can get things passed normally you would not be able to. And why is that? Because they paint a bleak picture that they say they want to avoid. Well, Mr. Obama, you have really done it now. One year ago the Dow Jones was over 14,000 points. When you got elected it had dropped to 9,000 +. Just this week it dropped to below 7,000 and despite a small increase Wed. is expected to continue to drop.

Those with the money have no confidence in anything you are doing Mr. President. You say you do not want a big government and yet that is all you have done. You keep taking money that my kids and grandkids will have to pay back and you sir, are throwing it away on pet projects and ear marks, just like you said you were not going to do.

Thank you Mr. President for the opportunity to be patriotic and pay more taxes, oh wait, I guess I can't pay taxes if I am unemployed. Except someone told me today that they actually tax your unemployment. What the FLip!? Is this not tax money to begin with? Now I hope to find something to do to make ends meet. I do not want the government to help me out at all. Heck, the government is the reason for my problems.

Mr. President if you want to help me,



That is all!


RandiSue said…
Oh no, not you too.
My job is in question, as is my husband's.
My daughter, a school teacher in the Peoria district, just found out she may not have a job next school year, they want to lay off all 1st and 2nd year teachers.
My son had to layoff his hired help and is struggling to run the business by himself.
When is this madness going to stop?
Jay21 said…
Condolences, do not forget that the ecomomy IS in the tanks, because of the whole government and is much bigger than Barack and Rham. Sadly the public fell into the trap, we have forgotten that "credit is slavery"

Good luck on your "new" journey.

ajwhet10 said…
We are paying for greed, irresponsable spending, socialism, political profiteering, etc. Basically from the top down most people have not been careful nor even honest about money and spending... I blame both government and foolish, greedy individuals.

I don't know an answer that will restore trust and economic health unless enough individuals (like you) create a new fiscal morality.

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