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The Declaration of Independence declares that "the laws of Nature and Nature's God" are the source of man's rights - not government. The natural rights listed and protected by the Bill of Rights existed before government, and in no way depend on government for their existence. The U.S. Supreme Court has declared this fact. America was founded as a republic - a "nation of laws." In a republic the government is formed by - and constrained by - laws. But America has decayed into a democracy. In a democracy voters can pass any law they please, and government is virtually unlimited in its ability to make laws, interpret the laws as it sees fit, and apply the laws with increasing force - to control the citizens.An individual must know his RIGHTS, and claim them, or they simply cease to exist.

The Declaration of Independence declares that each man has natural rights that emanate from God. Natural rights are declared in the Declaration of Independence to be "unalienable," meaning these rights cannot be separated from the individual. By establishing a republic, our Founding Fathers declared "unalienable" rights for each individual that cannot be altered by civil laws.The government of the United States was created by the Constitution, which transferred 17 limited powers to the national government of the new "Republic." The Founding Fathers added a common law attachment to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, which further clarified and limited the intended powers of government.Man's laws are known as civil law, from the Latin root word civilus, meaning citizen. Bouvier's Law Dictionary states, "the civil law is what a people establishes for itself." In a democracy there is no such thing as a natural right also know as God-given right, since laws can be passed to control, limit or eliminate anything. In a democracy there are "civil rights" established by civil law which are, legally speaking, civil privileges granted by man's government.Yet today government can and does pass laws as it pleases without limitation and control. The laws of government now clearly override the natural rights of American individuals. America is no longer a republic - it is a democracy.

America's freedom and liberty was established by anti-big government gun owners with "unregistered assault rifles," the individual men of the local militias of the several states.The Greek philosopher Aristotle proclaimed 2,300 years ago that the prevalence of privately owned weapons was the best indicator of whether a nation was free. It is still a true measure of freedom today. Free men own guns, slaves do not.The United States Code (the laws of Congress) states in 10 USC 311(a) that, "The Militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age..." The US Supreme Court ruled in US v. Miller that when called into action the militia was to show up "bearing arms supplied by themselves..." Black's Law Dictionary defines militia as, "The body of citizens in a state" and not the "regular troops of a standing army." The militia is distinctly different from the National Guard or the US military forces. Our Founding Fathers warned that the militia must never be replaced by a standing army. Today, our nation has the world's most powerful military; 57 government agencies carry guns and most have their own SWAT teams; and local police are trained in para-military operations.As our Founding Fathers warned - the demise of the militia and rise of a standing army would spell the end of freedom and liberty.

The most misunderstood phrase in the English language is the "United States." The misunderstanding comes from the fact that there are actually 3 different and legally separate entities referred to as the "United States."Many people in this country today are proud to be citizen's of the United States, but that is not what our Founding Fathers intended for us. They intended us to be citizens of our state, and the it was the states that formed the united States of America. (the States of America that united).The Bill of Rights was written to protect the state citizens from the centralized government, but it does not protect the citizens of the United States from the laws of the U.S. Congress. Only "citizens of the several states" enjoy the protection of the Bill of Rights.To enjoy the intended private and personal rights that create the freedoms and liberty of America, one must understand the legal scheme that government is and how it relys on the citizens misunderstanding of the term "United States."

Educate yourselves and then educate your neighbors. Then tell them to educate their neighbors. This is how it starts!


RhondaLue said…
I've just been educated. Thanks!
Flick said…
For any who would like to find out for themselves what today's militia movement is about, you can contact a unit in your area by going to If you're in Virginia, stop on my my website (click on my name).


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