Are we safe?

So just wondering aloud, are we safe?

Let me explain the question. If I voice my right to keep and bear arms(and I do) I still get the crazed looks like I'm the bad guy.

The mainstream media's agenda has had disastrous consequences. There are now millions of people who have this idea that only criminals would have a gun. The final straw that caused me to get my CCW was these people who could not concentrate if they saw my gun.

Anybody else remember the Ruby Ridge fiasco? How many still know nothing but what the media fed them? You know, about the extremist militia group who were holed up in a compound facing off with the government. Read the real story here.

And then we had Waco, and there again we were lied and led to believe that these were really bad people. When the fact is, they could have just as easily been you and or I and a small group of friends and/or family who decided we could not trust the government and wanted to go off grid. Forget religious convictions, this was about control. Read the story here.

Anyway, back to my question, Are we safe? Would my neighbors come to my defense against our own government if and when they come for me? I think not. And the govt. knows it. We as gun owners have been portrayed as the guys in black hats.

I posted these links to these American tragedies because I just spoke to some co-workers who knew nothing about them. I think it is important to remember them and educate our family and friends so hopefully they do not get away with it again.

Something to think about: A student lawfully carrying a gun on campus could have saved lives at Virginia Tech. How many lives saved would have been worth it. I say just one would have been worth it so imagine a dozen or more.

There IS a reason suicidal rampage shooters almost always choose schools. They want someplace they can carry out large amounts of carnage with little resistance. I personally would feel better if I knew there were some teachers armed at my kids school. You don't need to tell me who, just that there are arms to defend my children.

Oh yeah, what a selling point that would be!


Rev. Paul said…
Well done; excellent points & poignant reminders. Thanks!

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