Those with the Guns........

Like many of you I suppose, I have been watching the news accounts of the protests in Iran with fascination. Here are a people who despite the risk to life and limb are coming out by the thousands to protest the kind of regime that has kept them down since the late 70's.

First thing is that the election is not the real issue. The so called 'opposition' leader is only slightly different in his policies than the entrenched supreme leader and the so-called re-elected president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What is really going on is that Iranians are at the point of no return.

There have been reports for the last several years that there has been a huge western influence in Iran. Many Iranians have come to the united states to pursue their educational goals. While it is true that many stay and become successful here in the U.S., the majority end up back in Iran. They have seen the freedom that we have here and long for it at home.

The feelings of wanting true freedom exploded when Ahmadinejad declared himself the winner, by landslide no less, in last weeks presidential election. And he did so after only four hours. This was such an obvious slap in the face to the general populace who had sensed the change in the air.

And now we see tens of thousands of Iranians protesting in the street, at the very risk to their lives. The Iranian equivalent to Hitler's SS has stormed dormitories and killed students and recently even showed up in tanks on the street. And yet the protesters remain, seemingly growing in determination to make themselves be heard.

So what is the end game I ask? The Iranians have been rendered unarmed, except for rocks, by a controlling regime. Without arms, the revolution cannot succeed. The ones in control have the guns, and at least for the moment they are following the orders of their president and supreme leader, a religious leader appointed from God and unanswerable to the people.

My hope is that the momentum continues and when the general army is ordered to fire upon their own, in masse, they will not do it but instead join in the cause. This is the only way that this revolution can even have a chance to work. Because those with the guns have the power!

Take a good look America! This is what it is like to have an unarmed citizenry. When our founders set to outlining how a government would be instituted here, they took into account the corrupting power of government and wished to restrict government and its actual power. They set up checks and balances which would keep any one power from becoming out of control. They designed a system that would make government accountable to the people.

And we have gradually given that power away, for one pet issue after another. And now we collectively have three branches of government that together are stripping away OUR power. And if you think they are not coming after the guns, you are crazy. It is one steady attack on our guns and us as gun owners every single day.

Just look at the way your local news talks about anyone with a gun. There are constant stabs at gun owners in television and movies as well. I watched a show recently that had the detective ask the question, "What did he even need a gun for?". Is there any more need for a gun than to know that if you did "need" it that it would be available to you?

Take away guns and you take away the power of the "common" man to challenge unrighteous leadership and dominion.

What will happen when those in power command OUR military to turn their guns on us, because we are out of control and demanding our constitutional rights which are being denied already today? Think you know the answer?

The military already trains in suburban warfare and has leaked that it has been talked about being used in cleaning up drug infested neighborhoods. Maybe this sounds good to you at first, Drug dealers are not going to be defended by good citizens. Is this what you really want? I say no! If you want to get rid of the drug dealers you make it mean something if they are caught. But that is another post.

According to my brother, nobody he knows in the military would so much as fire one shot into a crowd of Americans. But we have seen indoctrination first hand and have seen it elect a President. What else is it capable of? When will Americans start thinking for themselves and demand we return to constitutional principles?

When will YOU?

It will take many dedicated individuals to step forward and even get involved politically if necessary in order to flush out those in politics who are entrenched with power. This no longer is defined by party. We need to vett our politicians not by party but by ideals. By the way, do you have any idea how many staffers those in congress have at their disposal? It would make you sick. Why, our politicians aren't even the ones creating laws anymore it is the thousands of staffers at their employ. Is this what was envisioned by our founders? A resounding no is the answer to that.

What else is happening you do not know about?

Find out!


Anonymous said…
I have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This right is stated in the Declaration of Independance, and supported in the Constitution and the Bill of rights. Most particularly by the Bill of Rights.

1) I swore to uphold the above against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

2) That oath includes defending against so called "ammendments" or changes to my rights. My rights are inviolable and unchanging.

3) I do not need the hired mercenaries, aka police or sheriff's departments and so forth to defend my rights. I am the one who is most primarily responsible for defense of my rights and we are most primarily responsible for our collective defense of same. Person by person, family by family, community by community and so forth.

4) I like to see the criminals on TV who have killed people and smile on the camera while they keep breaking laws and endangering the public, apparently enjoying their ability to outsmart the local F-Troop, aka police or whatever. This makes for a more target rich environment.

5) Since the individuals mentioned in #4 above present a clear and present danger, and their presence enhances the richness of targets in my area, I will in a safe and humane manner dispatch when necessary when danger appears.

6) I have and never will "take" the law into my own hands. I am a citizen, am responsible for protecting and defending myself and my fellow citizens, and will uphold the law as any good citizen should. If this means eliminating a clear and present danger, that is my responsibility, and right, as a concerned citizen.

7) I intend to eliminate, to the best of my ability, any threat to my or my fellow citizen's rights as stated above.

Finally, I have a good relationship wtih local law enforcement, they know what metal I'm made of, and I really appreciate their help with information, such as how to use magnum primers to make explosive rounds and so forth. More action, less chatter, that's what we need.

When criminals are dropping like flies all around the nation, and when those who would even think of meddling with our rights are terrified of even thinking, much less saying, such a thing....

We will indeed be free at last!

In closing, I have people I consider family and love dearly who are black, white, Mexican, American Indian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and generally represent pretty much every race and creed imaginable. Each and every one of them know I have no issue with killing for them if necessary, even if it is a homeless old man or a president of a local credit union, city manater, business owner, or actual blood relative.

I can look at any human being as my equal and my brother or sister. This is a final reason many surely must think my ideas and my existance must be eliminated. Not only do I believe in the right to life, liverty, and joy for me and people I love, I also believe that ideally every human being should feel that way about everyone else, period.

'nuff said

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