Free? I think Not!

When this nation was struggling with how to stand strong in the world shortly after earning it's freedom at the cost of much blood and sacrifice, there were many differing ideas on how to do this.

First of all, each of the thirteen colonies was a sovereign nation in and unto itself. But it was only through banding together for the cause of freedom that they were able to secure that right for themselves and hopefully their posterity.

What was the single greatest fear of the founding fathers? It was that the individual colonies, now states, would lose the ability to take care of their own and that someone else, heck, anyone else might try and take some of their rights away.

So many many bright men hatched together a constitution. This was a constitution declaring the natural rights that belong to all men. They then painstakingly went through each part of each type of government that had existed on the earth till then and came up with our Nations Constitution.

It simply acknowledged the states as individual entities that would ensure the rights of its people. The Constitution guaranteed the rights of all citizens in these united states and established a system of checks and balances. Benjamin Franklin stated when asked what kind of government they had created, "A republic, if you can keep it!"

There is a misrepresentation out there that we are a democracy. We are a Federal Republic which must ensure the rights of all are not trampled by the majority. In a democracy, 50 percent plus one can vote away the rights of the rest. Our constitution set up rules to ensure that this would not happen. These rules have been stretched.

Every time our glorious government has tried to solve the ills of the people, or the plight of the poor, they have failed miserably. Why is FDR touted as a great president when he not only dragged out a recession but almost single handedly in his presidency started the ball rolling on borrowing on the backs of the people and trying to create a socialist government. Finally capitalism won out as people realized how they could succeed under it.

We ebb and flow under the style of Government. Democrat, republican, liberal and conservative, each presidency and each congress has increased the size of Government and the role it plays in our daily life. When will we as Americans wake up and realize we are the frog? Yes, the frog put in luke warm water and slowly brought to a boil. If 50years ago there had been an Obama and Pelosi trying to push what is going on today, there would have been an uproar the likes of which we have not ever seen. Ronald Reagan was as close as we have come. But even the great communicator had to fight those even in his own party who still wanted some of the power.

It is time for the next revolution! I am not calling us to arms, but if we do not gather under the title of liberty and stand up as a free people, throwing off these bands the government is shackling us with, it will soon be too late.

Are you waiting for someone else to do something? Well, they are waiting for you. It takes all of us to stop whining and tell it like it is. An honest days pay for an honest days work. What;s mine is mine and what's yours is yours. I get to chose what I do with my time, treasure, blood sweat and tears. I fail on my own and I succeed on my own. When I fail, I pick myself up and try again. When I win, I get to enjoy my success, not be ashamed of it.

Be a mouthpiece, when you hear someone saying something that goes against the founding principles, educate them. The schools are not doing it, and they wont do it. We are losing America and will soon be just another model of the European Union. And that is such a wonderful system of government. Socialism in any form is bad for you. The only reason those in power push for it is they want to keep the power. Don't think for a minute that Obama, Pelosi, Reed or the rest intend to live under the socialist agenda they push. It is only for you and me.

The problem is they split us apart. They have programmed us all to think that there is some pet project out there in the govt. that IS good and that we need. Private enterprise will always do better than Govt. will. When this country was created it was a place to come and build your dream. A place to have the freedom to do business and compete. And yet they take away competition by creating webs of regulation meant to stifle legitimate competition. They create more and more regulation needing more and more government oversight and then come the fees, to pay for it all of course.

Take a look around you. It is everywhere, you just need to take a real look. I can almost feel the tears streaming down the cheeks of those who fought and bled for this nation to be free, only to see it today, in chains.

Rise up, and reject the premise that we need more government! Become a son or daughter of liberty today and lets start turning things around.


Rev. Paul said…
You've expressed the problem, and its solution, as well as any I've come across. Well done! I hope enough people read it, and begin making a difference.
RhondaLue said…
Well said, my dear. Well said.
ajwhet10 said…
Be a mouthpiece, when you hear someone saying something that goes against the founding principles, educate them.

I will work on this. Thank you.

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