Attack dogs!

The liberal media has unleashed its attack machine. Is it on Sen. McCain? Are they massing for an attack on his policies? Maybe they are wanting to debate the issues. Nope, nope, nope! What they are doing is absolutely insane. They are attacking the Vice President nominee from the republican party. If it was not so cruel I would laugh at the circus they are creating.

The inbound flights to Alaska have probably tripled in the last week and a half. Nobody was prepared for McCain's VP pick. Especially the liberal democrats. They had their attacks in place for Mitt Romney or any of the other well qualified options available to him. Gov. Palin was a surprise pick on several fronts. They had kept it quiet. And what did that do to the liberals?

It turned them absolutely insane. All of their preparation was for naught. They had nothing.

They still have nothing. But that has not stopped them. Gov Palin has such impeccable credentials. Her approval rating is higher than any other Gov. in the U.S.

This is the list of what they are attacking Gov. Palin on:

  • She has a 17yr old daughter who is pregnant. So what? She taught her daughter her beliefs, but her daughter is responsible for her own actions. And she did not get an abortion. And the her and the father are getting married. The family is supporting them. If they are saying this is bad, they will lose voters.

  • She was Mayor of Wasilla, a town of ONLY 9 thousand. Okay, and Obama was mayor of how many? Nada, nil, zilch. He WAS a community organizer though.(?)

  • She has no foreign policy experience. And Obama does? And by the way, The Gov of Alaska has to share international waters with Russia and deal with borders with Canada.

  • Her husband had a DUI 20+ years ago. Not a great example, but what does that have to do with anything?

  • She is the mother of five including a young 5 month old, insinuating she should stay home with her family. Okay, let me get this straight. They want women to go to work and be treated as equals, but only if they are liberal. Okay, that makes sense. Not!

The attacks keep coming and it seems that a story does not need to be true to receive air time. Understand this; The polls are not looking good for the Obamanites. And that's with the media doing what they can to give the Obamanistas a false pad. The more they tear at Palin and McCain the more people they turn away from their candidate. You wait and see. The attacks will get worse, and it will serve to further alienate Obama from those who have been supporting him.

I can't wait!

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Rach =o) said…
Dan was telling me that he saw a video of Obama yesterday where he said, "you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig" or something like that. I'm disgusted and the attacks that are going on. Attacking a handicapped child and a pregnant teen COME ON!
ajwhet10 said…
Yeah. I got 2 Palin-bashing emails yesterday already. One was a list of books that she supposedly tried to censor in her local library. Snopes showed that to be false. Fact is that wherever you find a strong woman (OK, or man) there will be fault-finders.
Jed said…
Mom, that is what they have to do. They have nothing on Gov. Palin. All they can hope for is to create enough questions out there to confuse the average voter. Then they can appologize (as if) later, after the damage is done. I do not think it will work this time.

It WILL backfire and The Palin/McCain Ticket will coast to victory. But we must all stay vocal and educate those around us. And make sure to vote, and be registered to vote. The YES on 120, Yes for Marriage vote will be on the same day. THIS NEEDS TO PASS. Will post on this issue later.

Thanks for commnets, Rach and Amy

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