Double Standards

I would find it amusing, if it was not so insulting, how our wonderful liberal media portray politicians. Why is it that under the perspective of party the same accomplishments or lack thereof will bring stark differences in coverage? What we have is a double standard. When the media sees a conservative they see bad decisions, mediocrity and blind stupidity. When they see liberals they see enlightened and educated scholars who can do no wrong.

Think about these examples: (Thank you Andrew Wilkow)

If you have been serving for over 30 years in Washington:
Conservative- You are what's wrong with Washington and we need new blood.
Liberal - You have experience and provide leadership and example to Washington.

If you are new to Washington with little experience in National politics:
Conservative - You are too inexperienced to do any good and don't know the ins and outs of politics necessary to get anything done.
Liberal - You are the fresh new face for "hope" and "change" that is just what the country needs.

If you listen to your constituents and vote in their best interests and not your party's:
Conservative - You are not thinking of the greater good.
Liberal - You are in tune to your base

If you cross party lines to achieve a vote you deem important:
Conservative - You are a bi-partisan
Liberal - You are a traitor

If you are a mother with children and you decide to serve the country:
Conservative - You are a beast who does not take her family obligations seriously.
Liberal - You are self-sacrificing for the better good. A trend-setter

You have children at home when you run for political office:
Conservative - You knew what you were getting into, it's open season on the family, what are you trying to hide anyway?
Liberal - You are running for office, not your family, respect their dignity and give them privacy, even if they wax political themselves, it's their right to do so.

Watch the news people, I am not making this up. And I am not talking Democrat and Republican. I am speaking of a larger distinction, one vastly more important. Conservatives and liberals have completely different views on everything from the right to life to the amount of Government involvement in our lives. Because the majority of the mainstream press is liberal, we get the news in the prism of their world view. I think they really do feel they are giving fair coverage, but they fail to think anyone else may have a different world view. They cannot relate to mainstream Americans. And that is what angers them the most. What else could have caused such viscous personal attacks on the innocent Gov. Palin? They cannot understand how a soccer mom could have energized a party. They don't get it and so they attack. I hear the false claims and statements echoed at work among people who are not political but watch the nightly news where they are bombarded with biased and absolutely evil double speak.

I agree with the recently heard sentiment that 2008 may be the year recognized as the death of legitimate mainstream journalism in America.



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