Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fair Debate?

So there is a debate on thursday night. a vice Presidential debate no less. And yet the liberal media still has to try and find a way to absolutely crush who they see as the biggest threat to their rise to power. That is Sarah Palin. Catie Couric did a hack job trying to bring her down. And this same media, who blast her like she murdered some newborn baby, wonder why she has limited her press appearances.

So on to the debate. I think she can do great vs. Biden. She has that charm that us regular Americans can relate to. But just in case she may be looking good, they have thrown in a stacked deck. One of the moderators has a book coming out Jan. 20, 2009 (inaguration day) about, who else?, Senator Obama. Yes, she has chosen a side and is set to gain from Obama's election to the presidency. So why is she still slated to 'moderate'? That my friends is the million dollar question.

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