Politics as Usual?

The republican and democratic conventions are over. After Obama's wrap up at the democratic convention, many of his supporters were left very impressed with his speech. I have to hand it to him, he IS a great orator. With a prepared speech, he has a flare to really 'sell' it. It is an ability that not many are blessed with and he has used it to great success.(see his nomination for President)

McCain is simply not the skilled speaker that Obama is. But after watching his speech I was way more impressed. Why? Well, I Just had a sense that he was more telling in who he was and what he stood for.

Obama has stood on the platform for 'change' and has cried that montra through the democratic primaries and now again in the push towards November. What I find amusing about this is that Obama is the direct product of the 'same old political machine' that has produced previous candidates. Obama's ascension is as scripted as they come. The only real change they offer is that he is a black man. And here I thought we were to vote for so much more than the color of his skin. He has been molded and groomed by the very bureaucrats that he claims need changing. He has no real plans to change anything in Washington. Other than increase the welfare state and push his(their) socialist agenda farther. For proof just follow the money trail. Moveon.org and the like are behind his campaign. And then when he selects his VP he selects a Washington insider who has been there for 35+ years. Change? Not!

On the other hand, McCain is offering REAL change. I definitely do not care for all his positions. But he has proven that if he believes in the issue he will do what it takes to enable that to succeed/pass etc. For those of us conservatives who were just not convinced that he would remember us, his base, he has proven us wrong. With his selection of Gov. Palin as his running mate he showed that he does understand that we want someone who will represent the conservatives on his ticket. And that she does! She also represents change. Geographically, she hails from about as far from Washington as one can get. And she does not owe anyone in Wahsington ANYTHING. She has proven that she will even go after her own party if they do not represent the people or the ideals she feels are important.

We do need change in Washington. And the McCain/Palin ticket represents that change. For all the hot air, Obama/Biden represent the same old politics, and worse than that a very socialist agenda.

I watched over the last couple of weeks the republican base get excited and I cannot remember the last time I felt this much energy within the conservative movement. I can only imagine that Reagan might be the last time there was this much energy among conservatives. I must be right because I have seen media bias and political hit jobs disguised as news but never to the level that they are now. Everyone must feel the buzz that came out of the republican convention. There is definitely a level of excitement that has been missing.

Side Note: I read an article today that stated MSNBC actually pulled Chris Mathews and Keith Obberman from political activities anchoring because even the liberals were disgusted with the gushing and obvious political bias they reported with. Kudos MSNBC, but I dont think it will help your ratings. But it is a start.


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