More Govt. Unchecked

On Friday i spent the whole day in a dust control class. Taking this class makes me a certified dust control coordinator. This means I am now the responsible party for dust control measures on my jobs. Sounds great, right? We all care about clean air, don't we? I want to take a little time to dissect this though.

The EPA set across the board guidelines for the whole of the USA for air quality. They back up the guidelines by tying federal money for roads etc. into meeting these guidelines. These rules are the same in every county, in every state of the union. Here in Maricopa county we have what is known as an Inversion. This is where because of the elevation and climate as well as the natural weather patterns, we get a lot of heavy particulates which tend to be forced to the low end of the valley, everything north of South Mt. So, for the last 18 years we have not passed the rules set forth by the EPA. The Arizona Department of Enviromental Quality (ADEQ) has been charged by state leadership over the years to help correct this because federal money to the state is connected with meeting this standard. No matter we may never be able to meet it.

So now, the construction industry has been targeted as the major culprit in our air quality because we must be creating too much dust. So insert new dust control measures. Now make these contractors responsible for all dust created. When they cannot meet every criteria every time you visit their site, fine them. And fine them big. We can fill states coffers with much needed revenue if we do.

Now do not get me wrong. I like clean air. I want to breathe clean air. But we would be better off installing huge and powerful fans to blow the "heavy" air out of the valley. Because the federal govt. overstepped their bounds in creating a standard for all states to meet, and then twisting their arms by holding federal monies over their heads, we then have the state and county agencies creating their own unconstitutional laws to oppress and restrict. Town and city councils will soon follow suit and create their own inspectors and guidelines with penalties created to increase the money coming in to their cities.

It is a monster that they have created and we need to draw the line in the sand. It is not about wanting to be able to dirty the air but wanting the govt to get more out of our lives, not take a bigger part in controlling our lives.

Every time we turn around some governmental spokesperson, city, state or federal is telling us how govt. can take care of us better than we can take care of ourselves. I for one am fed up.

We have created a monster, Dr. Frankenstein


Dan the Man said…
The environmentalists are concerned that a border fence will prevent endangered ocelets "from swimming across the Rio Grande to mate."

Hmm. It will also prevent drug runners, help prevent HUMAN trafficking, deaths in the desert, help lower crime rate, reduce the strain on welfare and healthcare, and help prevent illegals from swimming across and mating - creating anchor babies.

So should I save the ocelet or my rights, my money, my safety from criminals? I must be selfish - screw the ocelet. Or better yet, the environmentalists, without the aid of govt monies can help the ocelet mate on its own side of the Rio Grande.
Jed said…
I just heard some of the Dem/Lib's responses that 'the oil companies have 65 million acres of leases to drill on, they need to drill those.' What a croc! The oil companies may lease a lot of land, but they have to find oil before they can go after it and most of these places have not found oil or are on the side of a clif or 15,000 feet down in the ocean(too deep to drill at this point, or not cost effective[the cliff]) Then they say drilling would not be a benefit for 5 to 30 years. Another Croc! But even if it did, if we had let them drill in the 70's we would never have gone through an oil crisis and gas would probably be $1.50 a gal or less

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