One + One + One = Many

Recently an employee where I work was complaining about gasoline prices. Who isn't these days? Anyway I informed him of all the oil available right here in the USA that environmentalists have prevented us from going after. For example, there is an oil reserve that Royal Dutch, an oil company, has researched here in the USA that they have developed the technology to drill. They estimate that they can develop, drill and put to market, Oil, for around a selling price of $30.00 a barrel. Now, oil is going for over $130.00 a barrel. Seems like a no brainer. But no, we have groups that would use their lobbying power to prevent us from allowing this to happen. Why? no good reason that's why. Also, there continues to be discoveries just off OUR coasts in international waters that are huge oil reserves. We would have first claim and no one would compete for them because of our proximity to them. Unfortunately we are allowing OPEC and Venezuela to go after this oil because we do not allow United States companies to drill off our coasts. Makes sense does it not? I say it does not. Anyway, this person I am telling this to says he is outraged about this. I tell him he needs to do something about it. Contact his Senator, start a forum, tell all his friends, anything, something. He then tells me, "I am only one guy." WOW! this is why the country is in the condition it is in. So many of us know things suck but assume we can do nothing about it. We need to do something about it, We need to call our senators, our congressmen and women. Talk to our local and state leaders. Become politically active. Do not be afraid to offend someone by simply telling them your beliefs. I feel strongly that the American People are an overall conservative people. But we are being led by left leaning liberals and those who have mastered how to lull us into"feel good" politics. A revolution has to start at the bottom, and we the people are that bottom.



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