Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Secure Our Border!

Liberal Congressmen and Senators have refused to listen to the American People. We have yelled and screamed and stomped our feet. We have demanded, especially since 9-11, that they build a fence and secure our borders. They keep coming up with excuse after excuse. This is not the argument over amnesty, which Americans have also voiced an opinion on. This is about securing a pourus border which "illegals" cross in mass every day. Many may only want to come for work, but what of those who would come to hurt Americans. Only a handful of those who were dedicated to killing Americans were able to pull off 9-11. Do you think that this could not happen again? We have uncovered plot after plot to hurt us. How long until one of these plans are able to carried out? Our enemies are patient. We need to take action! The first step is stopping the influx of illegal immigration and the crime that comes with it. Once that is done we can argue the best ways to deal with those that are here. Alliance is sponsoring a petition. Two bills are currently in Congress that seek to reform and reinstate the Secure Fence Act that was unscrupulously gutted by key members of the Senate during a twelfth-hour move. Since Grassfire broke the story, citizens from across the nation have been expressing their outrage and are demanding the fence be built as promised!Over the next 30 days, Grassfire is rallying 100,000citizen-petitions to be presented to Congress during aCapitol Hill press event in February. Your Action Equals SuccessTo help reach our goal, we need a strong proactive coalitionof grassroots Americans to join us on the frontlines--helping spread the word.

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