Finally, we are seeing some life in the republican party. The conservatives are starting to flex what muscle they have. I am not sure what has taken so long for them to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid but it is about time.

Congress just voted to give themselves a five week vacation. YES! five weeks. And this while we are in the midst of a congress induced energy crisis. That is what this is. We are not demanding more oil that what there is available. But our congress has limited us on how much can be taken to market. If we got into the way back machine and made sure that no restrictions were ever made on oil exploration, refinery expansion and production, and congress kept their hands out it by not adding such high taxes to the cost of gas, we would be talking about something else entirely. Heck we might even be talking about the Olympics. They are going on in China right now in case you were unaware.

The republicans are not going on vacation. Instead they are showing up every day, demanding an up or down vote on drilling for oil her in the USA. And where is Nancy? On a book tour promoting her new book. Yeah, I didn't buy one either. Apparently there are not enough people out there who are. how embarrassing.

Did you know that the cost of a gallon of gas is almost 40% tax. Well, its close to that. Not only does the Federal Gov't tax it heavily, but the State, County and Usually city entities all jump on board. The big bad oil companies are lucky to clear 4% as profits. And profits are not bad.

Profits are what companies use to keep machinery going. They use profits to research new and better technology. They invest these earnings back into their companies to stay competitive. And they pay dividends to the stockholders. Even Nancy Pelosi. Most people don't even realize that they may be investing with these oil companies by way of their 401k.

And by the way since when is it a crime to make a profit? Why don't we turn over the oil business to the gov't. Then it would be sure to never make a profit. We could look to Venezuela. They are doing such a good job with state run oil. NOT! they used all the profit from the oil to fund social programs to keep the people fawning. Now they have a dictator who WILL not be removed from office and an oil industry that is bankrupt, and falling apart. The equipment is substandard and they cannot keep the drills running. Just what OUR country needs, right?

VOTE ALREADY! Are you scarred that you cannot win, Ms. Pelosi? The American people are fed up. You may be safe in your wacky, so left San Francisco, but the rest of the country will vote you out of the majority if you continue to treat them as children. Quit telling us you know what is good for us and do what is right by us.


Dan the Man said…
VOTE!VOTE!!VOTE!!!VOTE!!!! We have more oil in the ground, offshore, and in shale than all the known oil in all foreign countries that we are pouring US dollars into. I would much rather use our oil and our dollars locally.

BTW oil is ORGANIC! Unlike Ethanol that is just man made moonshine that over inflates the price of food.

Jed said…
Yes, and they just discovered evidense of oil in the rings around Jupiter(or was it saturn?) Armagedon anyone.

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