Politically Incorrect

I do not really know how to start this post. I do know that I cannot stand the way we as an American society have become so shackled by all the politically correct agenda circulating through every school, workplace and courtroom.

Was it politically correct for the Committee assigned to draft the Declaration of Independence to do so? Thomas Jefferson, the main writer of said declaration stated, "...that all men are created equal......." This was not Politically Correct in his day. First of All the world (especially England) Believed in Kings and Royalty. Your station in life depended on your birthright. Here were these upstart 'Americans' who were denouncing Kings and claiming that all men had the same rights. And that these rights were given by God, and not Kings or other mortal men.

Now today we are more restricted than ever before. You cannot mention God at school without causing riots. You cannot state that the founders of this country were God-fearing religious folk without offending atheists. You cannot speak of your beliefs without 'offending' someone of a different belief. This is getting out of hand. God did have a hand in the founding of this great country. The men who came together to make America great and free were God-fearing. They may not have all worshipped the same way. They were not all of the same faith. But they knew that the hand of providence had laid the way for them to establish a 'great city on the hill'. A beacon of hope to all. Until the founding of this country there was no country on earth that did not have a state sponsored religion. In fact, most church direction was derived from the Heads of state. Here we do not sanction one religion over another, but give all faiths equal footing. So why is one faith now have more power than all others? This faith being the atheist. Everyone scream that there needs to be a separation of church and state. I do not think they know what they are talking about.

In the first amendment it states,"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof....." Nowhere does it say a separation of church and state. They, our founders, just wanted there to be no state religion. They in no way were casting religion and its influence out of government! Why does the money say In God We Trust? Why do they still to this day start each session of congress with a prayer? Why do we swear on a bible when in court? Because this great and powerful nation was founded by religious people. We will only stay strong as a nation if we stay true to the ideals that we were founded upon.

The last point to this probably badly worded post is morality. Because there is some groups out there with absolutely no morals, they feel that they can push us into accepting their morals. Now, I will give them that we need to be accepting of all lifestyles. But only till that lifestyle infringes on my children's rights to be sheltered from it. Freedom of speech or freedom of religion does not give any group the right to bombard our kids with propaganda promoting promiscuity, homosexuality and other perversions. Yes I call them perversions. I have to allow perverts to exist but I don't have to allow them to push their agenda into my school. These groups have now attacked the sanctity of marriage. They want to disallow schools to even mention Mom and Dad, because not everyone has a mom and a dad. Some kids have two mommies and some kids have two daddies and some kids have one dad and three mommies. I don't Care! I have had about enough! As they attack and ostracize the American family they bring society down.

I will not judge because it is not for me to do. But I will not sit by and allow any fringe minority to dictate that a Mom and a Dad is not the Ideal. Study after study have proven that a child is better off emotionally and psychologically when raised by a Mom and a Dad. Enough said.

There will be those who lash out and say I'm gay bashing. I am not. I will not attack your lifestyle. I will merely say it is immoral and wrong. But I expect the same acceptance of my lifestyle by you. How come we always have to accommodate you and not the other way around.

It's just like the vegetarian who comes to your BBQ. They will expect you to have non-meat products for them. If these same vegetarians have a party would they have meat for their carnivorous friends. I think not.

I have ranted, probably incoherently long enough. Am I being ridiculous or is the world falling apart because of the plague of political correctness?


Dan the Man said…
Well Isaiah wrote about this condition in the last days and it is also repeated in 2 Nephi...

"...make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of naught. "

They are just laying snares and saying we are offenders because of our words and what is right and just is discarded - I think this prophecy get a big completed chack mark next to it.
Jay21 said…
Freedom of ...(insert title here) is not a blank check. I agree that i do not "judge" others lifestyles, but i do notice them. Spiderman taught me as a young boy "with great power comes great responsability"
as for PC "Fu(k em"
The atheists among us don't want a true separation of church and state - they just want atheism to be the official state sanctioned religion. This hypocrisy is breathtaking, especially when the arguments they use are that believers aren't "tolerant" of others. The temerity of these people is beyond belief!

Of course, their argument also fits their lifestyle. If there is no God, then whatever they do is OK. They don't fight against our beliefs because of any real sentiments of tolerance, they fight against them because if we are right then their lifestyle is wrong. Heaven forbid (pun intended)that anybody should ever feel any guilt for their choices. Oh wait I forgot - they are just born that way. OK - now I'm just going to have to right another post to my blog. Thanks Primo!
I meant "write" another post. Geez - I can't keep my thoughts together in any semblance of order.
Tulsi said…
With Sean Hannity, GLEN BECK, Mitt Romney, Rush, and I can't remember who all else, my husband would probably like your blog.
Blog Stalker said…
I for one hate all the politically correct garbage out there. Seems those who claim to be offended do most of the offending! I do think there needs to be civility and manners but not to the extent that normal conversation is not allowed without a lawyer present.
ajwhet10 said…
Maybe part of the problem is the fear that people can't be truthful without being hateful. I think that people who are deeply committed to Christ are able to be honest about what is wrong while still feeling, and even showing, some kind of love/respect/charity for those who are in the wrong. Even so, there are some who would take offense at almost anything, and who could not be satisfied by any amouht of legislatiton. So I don't anticipate a decrease in trends toward "political correctness."

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