Tire Pressure

Just had to blog this. Barrack Obama was recently asked about all of the pressure to drill more oil domestically. His response was that , we could be doing things now to conserve and limit our oil consumption. He then suggested that most people in the USA were running with overinflated tires. Then and this is the kicker, he says that we don't need more drilling or more oil while we are developing renewable energy, no! All we need to do is make sure all of the country's cars deflate their tires. Yes, he really said this. And then went on to say that if we did that, we would solve the demand for oil because we would save so much.

Wow! I am actually starting to get a good feeling about November. Even without the mainstream media covering all of his missteps and blunders, this is getting out to the average American. You even get some weird looks from those who really are pulling for the guy.

I think the liberals wanted him so bad they never vetted him. And now they have what may turn out to be the next George McGovern. He(Obama) has no experience, and is so far whacked out with his socialist views that he is alienating the very people who helped get him where he is now.

He cannot win with just the extreme liberals and the majority of the black voters.


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