Monday, August 4, 2008

Shrieker of the House Nazi Pelosi

Yeah, forget political correctness. I have heard these nick names for Nancy Pelosi and think they fit her to a tee. The Senate and House both decided to take a 5 week vacation. Even though there is a severe energy crisis that should be addressed. Its not like we were asking them to part the red sea. All we wanted was for them to lift the restrictions on drilling for oil on US soil and off our own coasts.

America IS researching alternative and renewable energy. Until this is profitable and can come to market, WE NEED OIL! It is not that hard to figure out. Anyway, The shrieker figures that there is enough support for a resolution lifting the bans, and she has made it her goal to block ANY bill from coming to a vote for fear of an amendment being added that would effectively force a vote on this issue. And she would lose that vote. The pressure is on in all senate districts. And not every democrat is as loyal to the liberal socialist agenda when it comes to home town pressure.

So, lets take a vacation and hope the liberal media will spin things to make us look good. Maybe there will be a natural disaster to take the heat off. This is ridiculous. When the republican minority stated they would stay in session and continue to demand votes. Senator Pelosi ordered the lights turned off and the doors locked, and kicked c-span out. Not so Fast there sistah! This is the peoples building not the liberal speaker's. So that is where republicans are today. Arguing for what the American people are demanding. And calling for democrats to come back for a vote.

BRAVO! I just hope its not too late.

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Dan the Man said...

Piglosi needs ousted next election - that would be the only valid reason for moving to California - so i could be part of voting her out.

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