Is abortion an issue?

Just a short post today. In a recent debate, if you could call it that, Sen. Obama was asked about his views on abortion. Rather than really answer the question he said it was beyond his "pay grade" to deal with. Excuse Me?

Well, lets look at his record on the issue. While a Senator in Illinois, there was a bill that was starting to "allow" babies who were birthed alive to be cared for by nurses and doctors. Sounds crazy, I know. A nurse at an abortion clinic was fed up. She was forced to watch viable birthed babies left to die after a failed abortion attempt. I still cannot get my brain around this idea.

This nurse would pick up the babies and hold them till they dies. It broke her heart. She was not allowed to do anything for these babies.

Anyway, the legislation went forward and Mr. Obama would not vote for it. He then wanted to create some avenue for others to defeat it in committee and when voting decided to vote, 'present' instead of yes or no. Just like he did on every major vote put in front of him.

So John Mccain is a pure right to life pusher. There are rumors he is looking into a pro-choice candidate for VP. Bad move John. Your opponent has been exposed for what he really thinks, pick a good conservative VP and watch the polls tip in even greater favor for you.

That is all.


RhondaLue said…
You know this is a hot topic for me and sickens me to the core to know what happens in abortion clinics. Frankly, I'd rather be in total ignorance about the fact that human beings sit by and let this happen, or worse..participate in it.

One is either FOR abortion or AGAINST abortion. There is no middle ground. Those that sit idly by and don't do anything to stop it can count themselves among the guilty, as far as I'm concerned.

By the way, I voted on your poll. I know you disagree but with the media pushing Obama I don't think McCain has much of a chance. I hope I'm very wrong.
Rhonda said…
I have to say that there is a middle ground for abortion.

I was pro-choice when I was younger. That opinion remained until I found out how they abort these wee babes.

I was then completely pro-life. Until I heard of some people's situations in which they were forced to make terrible, heart-wrenching decisions.

I am now completely pro-choice if that choice is your life or your baby's.

I am completely pro-life when it comes to people who choose this option as their form of birth control.

I think there is always a middle ground and other viewpoints to be considered.

As a side note, I had NO IDEA that some of these babes were born late enough to be able to live for a little while. That just sickens me and breaks my heart.

Why people don't choose adoption over abortion is most of the time, in my eyes, just selfish. I had a friend who was going to kill a not-so-perfectly healthy baby, because she couldn't stand to give it up. Excuse me??????

It's a very touchy topic. I love to join into debates like these. Knowledge is power.
RhondaLue said…
Dude..two Rhondas?! Who could ask for more????

On a serious note: When I say there is no middle ground I'm talking about abortions for convenience and late-term abortions where the head is birthed, and the Dr stabs a hole in the skull, scrambles the baby's brain and then when it's dead (sometimes it takes a while) deliver the rest of the baby. That's not called murder to pro-lifers because half of the baby's body was still in the mother when they killed it so it's technically still just a "fetus".

I apologize for being so disgustingly graphic but the process is....DISTUSTINGLY GRAPHIC!

I think when a mother's life is at risk it's a whole different ball game and something to be weighed heavily and thoughtfully by the parents before that decision is made. I don't consider that a pro-choice stance.
Hot Air said…
OH- isn't it crazy the extremes these people go to to extinguish the lives they've created? And I'm not just sickened by the murders of babies at full term- I'm still pretty shaken up by people who think the little bean who has every potential to human life is worthless and dispensible.

It's not just about the life of the child. It's about the life of the group of people whose mindset is that irresponsible concerning sex. And the lives of the children who are born and reared by a society that accepts such irresponsible attitudes.

In some way, you can attribute everything that's wrong with the world today with people's warped notions of God's plan for his children- specifically the beautiful gift of procreation.

This is what I thought about it a little while ago.

Well, anyway. Nice to meet you. Found you through Blogstalker. :)
Tulsi said…
I had no idea that they were doing abortions so late that a baby could survive. I thought it was unlawful. But then when I thought about it, wanted babies born even in the early months can survive, given different medical procedures. My husband just mentioned this to me last night. He was so furious. There are consequences to actions. There is adoption. I'm not sure if I agree that there is any reason for abortion - but I will also admit that I don't know anyone who has had a health risk, incest, rape, other reasons people say it is ok. I guess it all depends on who's shoes you are in. My shoes say no. I can not fathom a person letting a child die. And I believe it begins at conception. Given my mother's marriage, she said that if abortion had been legal, she may have used it. It was a blow to be told that. But I know the marriage. She has 3 of the most wonderful, productive, happy grandchildren. I'm not sure what she believes personally, but she wouldn't change her situation now.

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