727 Days left until 2010 Elections

There are approximately 727 days left until the 2010 congressional elections. There is a lot of work to be done between now and then.

Nazi Pelosi and her one party rule will start in earnest to push for the far left ideas they have wanted and waited for.

I consider this election of Obama to the office of President of the USA as a warning. I do not decry him as the anti-Christ. I do however fear what he and a liberally led congress can do to the very fabric of this Country and the Constitution it is founded upon.

The fact that 52% of the American people are willing to sacrifice their freedoms for social handouts is beyond me. Why usually rational people can do something so irrational defies logic. But I do have my theories. The first of which is the state of our educational system in America. It is deplorable to say the least.

First of all, we have been misled into thinking that education is a right. It is not and has never been. And now today we average cost of over 10,000 dollars per student per year. And what do we get for this? A population that increasingly does not have the aptitude to to fill the job needs of the highest skill levels in America, and so we consistently bring in other qualified candidates from other countries.

In our schools we indoctrinate those who attend by denying them any sense of national pride. We strip away and free thoughts and teach them a watered down history skewed to a liberal agenda. Did you realize that fewer than 15% of graduating seniors in America can tell you what is really written in the constitution, let alone name the first three Presidents of our great Nation. What are we teaching? Reading writing and arithmetic for sure, but we are teaching them that it's okay to be gay. We teach them that you can be proud of your race and culture, only if you are not white. We teach our children that the government can solve all our problems. And it goes on and on.

The constitution only provides for life liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. It does not guarantee happiness, only that one has the right to pursue it, on equal footing, with equal opportunity. There was a time when we taught our children to work hard and got together with others who lived around us and pooled our money to hire teachers. We then would build a community school for these teachers to teach our children in. These teachers taught their students the basics of reading writing and Arithmetic. Most continuing education was done by self study and then independent study at University. There were not 'required classes' and prerequisites either. If you do not think this works take a look at John Adams, one of our founding fathers as well as Thomas Jefferson, both of whom taught themselves Latin, French and Law as well as became well read on all they could get their hands on.

Where are our Washington, Adams or Jefferson of today? They are in the charter schools learning about the constitution. They are using the Internet to find out as much information on the subjects that interest them as they can. They are the leaders of industry and invention who drive the markets.

Will Obama make things bad enough that these scholars will rise to the challenge?

I sure hope so.


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