One Man, One Woman

There was not much for me to cheer about with Obama elected as my President. But there was another issue that I was following quite closely. In Arizona, we were attempting to add an amendment to our States Constitution forever defining marriage as between one man and one woman. California and Florida had similar propositions on their ballots.

This was not a party issue. This was a moral issue. Marriage IS defined in the bible. As well as the fact that homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of God. But this was not in any way tied to taking anything away from those who want partner rights or medical benefits for gay roommates. This was about keeping marriage as God intended. Between one man and one Woman.

I could not believe the amount of hostility by the opponents of this proposition. I had to replace signs frequently. There was one time when a neighbor told me my sign was in the street burning. I saw many signs defaced with a large NO over the Yes in Yes for 102: Yes for marriage. On Tuesday I set up many signs at the polling centers as well as many corners which had seen their signs taken prior. Several times that day I had to return to replace or stand back up most of the signs. Are these the actions of intellectually honest and rational people? I think not. I saw a couple of No on 102 signs. I felt no urge to tear down the sign. I did not light the sign on fire. So what possesses someone to become so embittered that they would steal someones sign or burn it, or even just knock it down?

Well, it passed, and I could not be happier about it. California and Florida also passed their constitutional amendments on Marriage. The reason it is so important to ammend the states constitution is that once it is in the State constitution, only the supreme court can rule on any suits launched by gay activists and it keeps activist judges from being able to legislate from their benches. The lunatic left have taken the White House but I think it will be harder than they think to institute some of the whacked out loony legislation they have planned.

Lets hope so anyway.


ajwhet10 said…
A lot of good things in America boil down to R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Where choice is encouraged and disagreement is inevitable, respect is a bare necessity. Fortunately, it can be learned. Hopefully, it WILL be learned.
Summer said…
It's actions like these, the riots in CA, the blantant use of name-calling and, to put it bluntly, whining, that illustrate the immaturity of those who can't differentiate between a person and their actions in the first place. The whole reason we are faced with this dilemma to begin with is because too many people believe that our choices are subject entirely to our temptations. They aren't even as mature as Forrest Gump- instead of stupid is as stupid does, they've regressed to stupid is as stupid feels. What kind of society would this be if everyone expected everyone else to "tolerate" their indecent behavior? The fact that they go so far as to object to the workings of democracy, simply because it worked against them, is an ominous manifestation of actions they believe are justified.

I have R-E-S-P-E-C-T for a person with feelings that deviate from the "norm." I have even more respect for that person who admits they have a problem, and lives an upright life anyway. None of us are strangers to problems. And none of us are perfect. I don't expect everyone dealing with homosexual tendencies to deal with it perfectly. But I DO expect the people of this nation to be able to voice their opinion and for that opinion to be respected.
Summer, I agree completely with your viewpoint. Society would not justify someone who acted upon their impulses to molest children and yet thats what you would get if you apply the same logic they are trying to use to back their postition!
Anonymous said…
I find it ironic that their objections are all about the LDS Church trying to take away their families or their rights. Proposition 8 said nothing that would nullify civil unions (which provide all of the same benefits as marriage). I would not attempt to redefine a cow as being a fish in an attempt to serve beef to a Hindu, yet they attempt to change the centuries-old definition of marriage and serve it to us. And thus we see the intolerance of the supposedly-tolerant left.

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