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I post this on election day. Am I trying to be prophetic? I should say not. If one were to believe the obviously left leaning media, anyone who would vote for any candidate other than Obama should stay home because their vote will not matter. This has not been the intellectually honest and truth seeking media I thought we had in America. I have always felt proud of our country that gave the freedom of the press to act as a kind of check on corruption and double speak.

In this new day of instant news and information availability, a candidate cannot speak one way to one group and then change the message to suit another group of voters. At least not without being called out about it. That is up until the mainstream media decided to climb into bed with Mr. Obama. I am just sick that he has been given a pass on every misstep and association that should at the very least be explained honestly and forthright. I will not mention them all here because at this point it is for naught. The purported journalists of this country's mainstream publications and news stations have failed the people of this country.

I speak to smart and good people every day who when faced with certain aspects of Obama's stated stances on things and past associations are appalled that they had never "really" heard about them. Of course the first reaction is that if they were true they would have heard about them. If only that were true.

So if Obama does what the cheer leading corps of CNN and MSNBC and the other major news outlets are hoping and praying for, will we have lost all hope for this country? I sure hope not. But what I do not understand is the fact that the sheeple voting are potentially increasing the amount of seats held by democrats when the democratically held house and senate have a mere 9% approval rating. Is it a indoctrination of misinformation and double speak? I say it is.

If under a President Obama and democratic house and senate the economy continues to slump and the economic growth in the United States disappears because of the size of the capital gains taxes etc, will the media continue to blame "8 years of Bush"?

This is scary in and of itself and yet it gets worse. In just the last day Obama has let us on a little more of his plan for America. He has called for a civilian defense organization to take on the problems here in America. This just stinks of absolute socialism. Follow along with me please;
During an economic depressive period in Europe that especially hit Germany hard, a young Adolf Hitler found a voice among a minority party and preaching hope and change and national pride rose to power eerily much like Obama. He used the press very effectively. The press of the day were very tired of the leadership in Germany at the time and fanned the flames Hitler was lighting. Like Obama, Hitler was a great orator who inspired his crowds. Those who opposed him were scorched in the media outlets of the day and found themselves in ruin politically.

To this date I have been reluctant to make too close a comparison of the two. No longer will I make that mistake. Once Hitler was in power he created a 'civilian defence' organization. This group started by acting as the personal guards to Hitlers' Nazi Party. They were granted the power to act as a new military arm of Adolf. Soon the media who were oh so happy to promote him found they could not print anything other than what was viewed as 'good for the country' or in other words, approved by the Nazis. This civilian defense became known as the SS and quickly had the country, including the military in it's grasp. The comparison is too close to ignore. We have seen how the Obama camp has acted toward any media source who asked the 'wrong' questions. (The news Station was told it would not get any further interviews with Obama or Biden and that they would not have White House privileges when Obama is elected) We saw how journalists were treated once their respected publications chose to endorse a candidate other than Obama.(they were kicked off the Obama plane)

Is this how the freedom in America Dies? Thankfully I don't think he can do all he has designs to do before America can react and take back it's country. But if you are not scarred, you should be! Rise up America, and return this nation back to the great nation it can still be!


ajwhet10 said…
On the eve of change, fueled by disappointments, fears, hopes, and propaganda, I agree that everyone must remember what our country stands for. We must support all that is good for our country, consistently oppose all that is not, and always be thankful that the Lord does not forget those who love Him.
RhondaLue said…
Well, things didn't turn out like we'd hoped but I think we can pray that the good of the country will not be sacrificed, that good people continue to speak up and hopefully we'll all take the prophets counsel and not fear, but have hope and seek to do good.

More people need to get involved and hopefully good things (like our local props going our way-YEAH!)can happen.

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