Run on Guns

Since the recent selection of President-elect Obama, gun sales across the country have seen increases up to 50% in some places. In the period right before the election until now there have been sharp rises in gun and ammunition sales. Why is that? Many feel that they may lose their rights to purchase these firearms once Obama takes office and the gun control heavy congress can push new laws through.

I would tend to agree with them. Obama ran a deceitful campaign on many levels. It is not open for debate. It IS fact that he purposely avoided addressing many issues and when he did, did so with generalities and vague references to what was 'fair' and 'sensible'.

According to the FBI, during election week, background checks, an indicator of firearms sales, were almost 50% higher than the same period last year.

If the country is hurting so bad economically, then why are so many buying guns? I think it is safe to say that with those we have in the white house AND congress, gun legislation Has been brought to the front and center of the agenda. The liberal left gun-control fanatics, such as the Brady Campaign, are licking their chops at pushing through new gun control acts.

After the assult weapans ban expired in 2004, there has been no evidence of increased gun violence with so-called assult weapons. But no matter, the left do not care about statistics unless they help their cause. In fact they love to 'adjust' statistics and run polls that help their agenda, whether honestly obtained or not.

The majority of increased firearms sales at this time are on AR-15 and AK-47 weapons and their like. These "assult" guns are alweays seen as the first step in gun confiscation and restriction because they can spin them as no good and only good for killing other people. Nevermind the fact that the whole reason the 2nd amendment was added was because they wanted to make sure the citizens of this country would never be found unarmed against an tyranical government. And yet the citizens of this country are not 'allowed' to have anything which might help them withstand the govt if that govt so chose to try and take over this country. Gun ownership by the citizenry is the best check and balance on govt and our founders knew it. They only added the 2nd ammendment at the last moment as an insurance against disarming the populace because at the time, ALL of the founders saw these inherent rights as intrinsic to a free society.

Gun-control groups are now targeting ammunition as well. They have lobbied for per round taxes placed on ammunition and straight out banns on certain types. If they cannot take your guns from you they will use the power of taxation and increased 'storage' laws to make the burdens too great to bear, with the hope of disarming through economics. If we sit still now, while the threats are the greatest, we will have no one to blame later but ourselves.

Call the congressional switchboard and tell your representatives that NO new laws are okay when it comes to the restriction and/or increased tax of the firearms industry. 202-224-3121


RhondaLue said…
Did you call the number?

And then did you call back disguising your voice to sound like someone else?

You totally should. You have my permission to impersonate me as well. I'm sure they don't wanna hear whining kids in the background so I'll pass. ;)
Dan the Man said…
I wish I had money right now to get a few guns. Maybe I will have to wait till the next conservative administration.

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