How did Obama get elected?

So how exactly did Senator Obama get himself elected President? Obviously the media bias was a huge factor in not vetting the true Obama for what he really believes. Watch the following clips and then check out the site where I found it. It is How Obama Got Elected and is a telling look at those who voted for Obama and what THEY think. Unbelievable really!

It is amazing to me the extent of the mainstream media's love afair with President elect Obama. What happened to fair and honest news reporting? What happened to the reporter who investigates the depth of the candidate no matter what they turn up? What will now happen to this country because of the lack of opposition news reporting?

Stay tuned to find out!


RhondaLue said…
Oh Lord have mercy. Please don't post this sort of thing again. I'd prefer to remain blind to the voting ignorance all around me.

I just don't even know what to say about that. The girl at the end.."I still wouldn't change my vote" Ummm yah because you apparently vote based on....what? Race?" Purdy sure o' dat.

You certainly didn't vote because you knew or understood ANY of the issues. OY VAY!!!
Dan the Man said…
We call it media bias these days. during WWII and the cold war it was called Yellow Journalism and Propaganda. Charisma and Propaganda is what got Hitler into power. It is how the soviets kept control - by controlling the media. It is how terrorist nations keep control now by controlling the media. Now we have a free country that is swept up by the emotion and charge created by a charismatic Obama. I am afraid that half of this nation is asleep and I fear they won't wake from their slumber soon enough.
I had a very interesting discussion with a liberal on this. It was the first time I'd ever seen someone self-destruct so very thoroughly.

He claimed that the Zogby poll was biased. When I pointed out that Zogby stood by its record and it's silly to claim a poll is biased because you don't like the guy who's quoting it, he then proceeded to claim it was invalid because they didn't take racial statistics.

I thought I was going to put him on the defensive by clarifying what he was implying. To my astonishment, he continued to assert that if a poll measuring ignorance oversamples blacks, it's skewed towards greater ignorance. I'm not kidding, here's this "affirmative action liberal" letting out the true reason behind it, the hidden racism we rarely see in action when they're trying to HELP the 'underprivileged'.

Further prodding revealed only more breakdown, as he tried to cover for the racism he finally realized he was showing by claiming that it isn't that blacks are ignorant, it's that poor are ignorant and blacks are more likely to be poor! Hear and learn what the liberals REALLY think of you, oh people who think they're your champions!

I stuck to and continue to stick to my assertion: Releasing the educational levels of the participants was sufficient. It means more to know whether a man is college-educated than to know if he's poor and/or black.
I'm so grateful that President Obama will be taking power soon. Then he will begin paying my mortgage and filling my car with gas. AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Unfortunately the only education that works with people like this is the School of Hard Knocks. And by then it is too late.

Heaven help us, the inmates are running the asylum!
ajwhet10 said…
That link at the top is awesome and awful. More than ever I thank the founding fathers for a constitution that imposes SOME sanctions on rampant power!

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