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Growing up, I saw the news on television or in the newspapers and thought,'this is the way it is.'
As I grew up and grew wiser to the ways of our media I saw the bias. I was shocked, to say the least. I then realized that to really know what was going on in the community, state or nation that I needed to educate myself. I took a statistics class which shed a lot of light on polling. This is one of the 'liberal' media's favorite tools of misinformation. For instance, if I ask who someone is going to vote for at an gay-pride rally, I can expect the responses to reflect liberal candidates. It is not brain surgery, which I understand to be quite difficult.

Bias? Really? No Way!
What has got me now is that they do not even try to hide the bias. The liberal media want Mr. Obama to be the President so bad it visibly pains them to give any time at all to Mccain. When Obama took his Euro tour, the Big three networks each sent one of their biggie anchors to follow him. It was like a rock and roll tour. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you could hear the crickets around Sen. Mccain. But it goes even further than that. Obama published an editorial in the the New York Times accusing Mccain of this and that. Basic campaign bashing, mostly liberal lies and propaganda. Mccain met the editorial head on and wrote a counter-editorial and submitted it to The New York Slimes(I mean Times). They rejected it in its current form. WHAT!? This is really getting ridiculous. It is bad enough that the conservative ideals are ridiculed, and that Joe Public is indoctrinated by the leftist views on everything. But now they wont even pretend to give their news balance.

Fair and Balanced. Right!
So Fox News is the top rated cable news source during prime time. The liberals cant stand it. So MSNBC and CNN and the rest actually come out and attack another station. And they accuse them of being the propaganda machine of the Republicans. Okay, I realize that Fox News is slanted conservative, but they come right out and tell you that. You know where they are coming from. And they do a lot better in providing balance. I have heard many anchors and editorials criticize Pres. Bush at different times when he was not representing the views they liked. It is not an all or nothing mentality. We like what is good and reject what is bad. Simple. What we get with the liberal media is proported balanced news presented in a way to try and force opinion in one direction. The reporters themselves barely mask their own slanted views.

Ratings Ratings Ratings
Well, these are the days of super technology. The average American is able to find the truth much easier than in any time. The liberal media is fighting for its dwindling share. Newspaper circulation is going down every year. Viewership on the three major news chanels is going down drastically. Yet Fox News Channel's ratings increase consistantly. Conservative talk radio has turned into a billion dollar business. Why? Because it represents what conservative Americans want to hear. There is a market for the truth. Americans for the most part ARE conservative. Not republican or democrat, but conservative. These are the values they hold dear. And the more Americans who listen to this sort of programming, the more who are awakened to what has been going on in the 'mainstream' media.

Fairness Doctrine.
So institute the fairness doctrine. Because Talk radio is so overwhelmed by conservatives,(it is the one outlet not controlled by liberal.) Lawmakers in congress want to institute the fairness doctrine which would force liberals onto the shows with equal time and also restrict some of what is said. If the liberals want a radio show why don't they start their own? Oh yeah, they already did. NPR, and it is a miserable mess. Without the deep pockets of NPR could not survive. Why is that? Because their are other alternatives out there which offer more of what America wants to hear. Free Market at work. Goods and services(talk radio) offered to the public, public decides which goods and services it wants. Those goods and services gain their value by the demand made by the consumer. In essence, If the American listener/viewer did not want to listen/watch this conservative programming they wouldn't!

I think the liberal media and liberals in general are scared to death that they are going to lose the election this November. This is why they are so blatant with the slanted coverage. True, conservatives are not thrilled with the republican choice, but given Mccain over Obama, anyone who can unbiasedly compare the candidates will lean to Mccain. What we need though is to encourage those around us to vote. Choosing to stay home because neither candidate is appealing will further hurt this great nation. It is the lesser of two evils, but with Mccain we can build back what we lost.

I see a resurgence of conservativeness. It is evident all around us. The republican primaries woke many up to the power of the biased media. They wanted Mccain because he would have the hardest time energizing the conservative base. We need to press on and take back government. Mccain is not the best but is the best choice available and we need to elect conservatives into congress to keep him mindful of us. If Obama wins, it will be a minimum of four years without any voice for the conservative.


Dan the Man said…
You like statistics and you want to see bias? Then follow the money. Check out this link

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