Kudos first of all to all the first line patriots out there who serve or have served in our armed forces! I am thankful for your service regardless of your political views. So after saying that, I am in shock to hear Gen. Wesley Clark say the things he has about John McCain.

He started by saying that John McCain needs to "calm down" about his political views being tied to his military service. But he didn't stop there. He went on to say that flying in Vietnam, getting shot down and being a prisoner of war in no way were credentials for President of The USA. WHAT!?! okay so let me get this strait. When General Clark was running for President, his military background was enough of a qualification for HIM to run. When John McCain runs for office he should not mention his military experience because it is irrelevant and does not qualify HIM. Sounds like a double standard to me.

First of all, to run for President of the USA the only requirements are: Natural born citizen of the USA, be thirty five or older, and residing for at least the last 14 years in the United States. WOW, based on that criteria I can run for President! So basically Clark is right that McCain's military service does not qualify him, he is already qualified. What it does though is define his character. Again I do not endorse McCain, however I do regard him with respect and admiration for his service AND what he has done in his life.

McCain was a squadron leader, giving him skills in command. He was shot down and was a POW(prisoner of war) for 5 years(i think). While a POW, he helped organize the prisoners, keep up their spirits, and give them hope. McCain DID have the opportunity to be released from his captors early because of his rank and because of who his father was. McCain chose to remain with his men who he was determined see make it out. Upon release he was given the opportunity of Admiralship and turned it down to serve his country in a different way. McCain does have 20 plus years of service in congress also. If McCain's service for his country(both in the military and in congress) does not demonstrate the skills necessary to be President then how does General Clark's choice for President, Obama, have so much going for him. He is a one term senator who has done nothing, voted present on most major issues and is willing to sell his positions for the right political thrusts of power. Even CNN's interview with Clark seemed to have a "your kidding, right" edge to it when questioning him about his comments.

"Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory." — George S. Patton

"“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”" — George Washington


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