Thoughts on guns and judges

So, I have been thinking. I know, you're thinking, slow down and breath deeply. Seriously, I've been thinking about the DC Gun ban and what it means to me. And to you for that matter. It is a good thing, for sure, but I worry about what is next. The ban was lifted by only a 5-4 margin. Have our own courts been so caught up in the socialist and liberal propaganda that they cannot judge according to what is stated in the constitution. I am not the brightest person in the world but it does not take a rocket scientist to read and study the founders, the original constitution and the founders own words on the subject of gun ownership.

The founders knew it was necessary, as they framed the constitution and its three branches of government, to give the new government the authority to raise an army to defend these new United States from foreign invaders. After Shay's rebellion, these men realized that they needed to be able to defend from mobs within these United States, However, these men also knew that with a standing army came the possibility of oppression by those at the head of these armies. See for example all the military coups in South America, Africa, and the former Soviet Republics. What was the key to the American Revolution? An armed populace. I know many things went into us being able to do what had never been done in the history of the world to that point. I know that the hand of God had a lot to do with it. The state militias, made up of regular men, great men, both young and old, rich and poor, took up arms to fight for a freedom that had not yet been present on this earth.

What was one of the first things the British armies were being sent to do the night of Paul Revere's famous ride? They were coming to disarm the colonists. With the colonists disarmed, who would put up a fight.

So now we have judges who want to say that today it is different, that our police and military are capable of protecting us. Ask a police officer today how many people they protect in an average year. Then ask how many victims they deal with. You may be surprised. The role of the police officer, other than helping to create revenue for the municipalities they represent is to 'respond' to those who break the law. Yes, their presence does prevent some crime. But take the Virginia Tech shooting for instance. How many of the victims were protected be the police? None. He shot himself. What if just one student or professor had been carrying a concealed weapon. What if there was a chance to cut the number of victims by half, or even by one? Would it be worth it? I am so tired of everyone trying to take our rights away. Quit selling my rights for your peace of mind. The world is a dangerous place. All you do by disarming the public is make the job of being a criminal more appealing to more people. You increase the amount of violent crime when you decrease the amount of guns in any area. And likewise you decrease the amount of violent crime when you increase the amount of guns in any area.

Does everyone need to carry a gun? No, of course not. But a criminal needs to know that everyone has the potential to be carrying a gun. Everyone does have that right. Because no matter what some judge wants to dictate. I have certain unalienable rights. And blast anyone who would try to infringe on my rights or the rights of my family or friends.

Stand tall America! This is still the greatest country on the earth. There is Hope! And it lies inside each one of us. We must take action, because inaction only strengthens those who would enslave us and make us dependent upon a Govt, when it is Govt which should be dependant on us, the people.

Talk to your family. Express your views to your friends. Talk to the guy behind the counter, or the lady next to you in line. Some will not listen. Those we cannot reach. But those who will engage in intelligent dialogue can be directed toward truth and true understanding.

We are the hope of the free world and will continue to be until we trade our freedoms for a little security which will leave us holding nothing.


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