Hello, I will be attacking you in 15 minutes.

This is what the Washington DC council must think will happen to let residents of DC fully exorcise their constitutional right to defend themselves with a gun. As soon as the landmark "Heller" decision was handed down, the DC council raced to put in place emergency gun law that effectively keeps the gun ban in place. Kevin Johnson in the USA today wrote,

Under terms of the emergency law, passed earlier this week by the D.C. Council, residents must obtain a city-issued handgun permit and may keep handguns only in their homes for self-defense purposes.
The permits require every gun owner to pass a written test and vision exam, submit the weapons for ballistic testing and offer proof of residency.
The provisions still rank as some of the toughest in the nation. But perhaps the most controversial aspect of the law, gun rights advocates say, mandates that gun owners keep their weapons unloaded, disassembled or secured with trigger locks, unless they face a "threat of immediate harm."

"The current D.C. proposal requires the complete cooperation of the criminal," NRA spokesman Andrew Akulanandum. "It would require the criminal to call and tell you when they plan to come and attack you."

I suppose criminals will comply. Because they are concerned with the law.(this is sarcasm for those of you who couldn't tell) What continues to drive me bonkers is that we have people running our cities, towns and states who not only disregard the constitution and the rights it guarantees, but do it blatantly. The more I see and hear, and the more I view of the anger of the average American the more I think we are heading for another American Revolution. We have moved so far away from a limited federal Government, that exists merely to protect our individual rights. Our Federal government now dictates law for the good of the collective. No longer is the individuals rights respected and or defended. The Heller decision is what I hope is the first step of many towards reversing this trend. But if we sit silent and let others fight for our rights, we may lose them. It will take all of us, educating and supporting each other, to demand and force those in Power to start relinquishing that power and return our country to the bastion of freedom it did and does represent.

A revolution is more of a reality than many want to consider. There will be some major incidents over the next few years, that if are not handled correctly will ignite this country into action. I hope that we can do this without an armed insurrection. But if we let them take our guns we will have no leverage, and hence no way to secure the other rights endowed by our Creator. I see the conservative movement gaining ground. I see peoples eyes opened to the truth at least weekly. Because our schools do not stress enough of what this country stands for and what it was built on, people are shocked when educated on what the constitution actually allows the government to do, and even more shocked when they realize what is spelled out that government cannot do.

What do you think of the Heller decision?

Do you think it is the governments responsibility to take care of you? What about those on hard times, or those who took risks and lost?

Do you think there is any chance of We the People taking back Our government?


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