President of the World

After watching and listening to Obama's speech yesterday in Berlin, I found myself musing on a variety of topics. First, I think it is the first time I have ever seen a campaign speech in a foreign country to throngs of adoring fans. He told the crowd that "together" they would all work on a better tomorrow. I don't know about you, but this scares the snot right out of me. Its as though he is running for President of the World. And to listen to his platform and to inspect his record, however small it might be, he just might be. If it was not so scary it would be funny. Obama's campaign is steamrolling right along. It is a mega-hyped media frenzy. The big three networks even sent their three top journalists to follow him around on this European tour. The liberal media is salivating at the feet of Mr. Obama and seem bent on doing anything within their power to better his chances to win the presidency.

Global Welfare
He pushes a world agenda. Remember his remarks about us (Americans) who think we have the right to keep our houses at 70 degrees and drive our gas-guzzling autos etc. etc.. He supports the whole leftist 'carbon credits' ideology. Because we are so industrialized we should pay, some global entity, for the energy consumption we use. And then a country that has little or no industry would be paid out, by this global entity, because they consumed so much less. This is just global welfare. Take from one group to give to another. Audacity is a word Obama likes when it suits him. Well it suits him and his extremist views for sure. What the liberals have always pushed for, from the time they were calling themselves communists, is a global collectivism. Obama offers them this and they cannot even contain themselves. They look absolutely giddy at times. We are being sold a carefully packaged Jack-in-the-box. We, the American people, are being lulled to sleep by a sappy, feel good rhetoric, but if they succeed and he does get himself elected, you watch what comes jumping out of the box.

Modern Day Hitler?
I heard a political pundit compare Obama to Hitler. I thought to myself that this was way too extreme. After listening to the speeches on this Euro-tour I am not so quick to decry that statement. Hitler rose to power through a national collectivist propagandized agenda. Is Obama really different? If anything he is only more global. He is preaching for a "globalist Nationalism". The words of this latest speech are still ringing in my ear. He was telling the crowd gathered there that together, 'they' could change the world. Who is 'they'? This really is someone who sees themselves running for an seat at the head of a global regime. Hitler rallied the youth of his country into a tizzy and created a socialist zeal. Then he carefully propagandized hate and bigotry as the tools against those who would stand in the way. He knew the power of the media. He took over the media first. Obama does not need to take over the media. They are his willing followers. The mainstream media have been waiting for someone like him ever since Jimmy Carter. Only Obama is 100 times more dangerous to America.

The United States of America, in the words of Ronald Wilson Reagan, is the last best hope for the world and its people. It was true when Reagan was President and it is true now! We need to lead the world in proclaiming and preserving freedom. We DO NOT need to pull ourselves into the mire of the world politik. No nation in Europe, or the world, has ever given its people the freedom we have here. Why should we look to Europe as a model for us? WE SHOULD NOT! We are the shining city on the hill, a bastion of hope of the freedom possible. We are the inspiration of the oppressed to resist their oppressors. We are the model for those who desire freedom to emulate. We ARE a great nation! But the people need to take back the government before the government takes freedom away from its people.


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