Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy BirthDay!

Happy birthday America!

Today we celebrate the Declaration of Independence (Actually passed July 2). It is altogether fitting and proper to take a few moments to look back at what that document did. It stated what no other document had up till this time. It is the single most perfect document ever created by man. Greater even than the Constitution. It came forward and placed the power of this new nation in the hands of the people. It was a drastic measure unheard of in the world. It placed the power of this country in the hands of its people, not in the hands of a King. What the men did that signed this Declaration was to risk death. They became traitors to England and if caught would lose everything including their lives. And these were not poor men. Most were prominent men with treasure and prosperity. But they rose up to take the yoke off themselves and their brethren. I feel deeply indebted to everyone of those men and those who would help forge this nation into the mightiest and freest nation in the world. For all of the flaws we have today. For as far from the constitution as we have come. we are still living in the single greatest country in the world. I for one feel a debt to those who risked and sacrificed so much to make this country so great. I will pay that debt by fighting to keep their ideals alive. I will aspire to teach all those around me of what our founders created and where we have gone off track. It is not too late to fix the problems with our govt. and the unconstitutional policies that have taken root. I feel there are many who feel this way. We need to band together and help educate the rest of America. Our Founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and broke the ties with England, starting the American Revolution, for far less than what our federal govt. is doing to us now.

Viva La Revolution

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