Do the math people!

Okay, so I never claimed to be a math wiz but I gotta call out the President on this one. Today in Arizona, President Obama went to a high school to apparently campaign for the stimulus bill he already signed into law.

Why he had to fly all the way to Arizona and expend the resources needed for such an event, I do not know. Why would he not just hold a press conference from the White House? Is he buying into the hype? Does he really see himself as some kind of Messiah? I know I am on a tangent here but did anyone else see some of the zany things being done by his followers? He took a question from a recent town hall meeting where the man almost hyperventilated he was so thankful(to God he noted) that Obama would take time out of his day to talk to them. Um.......yeah, thanks for doing your job as a servant of the people! whatever.

Anyway, on to my simple math problem. Obama stated today that in this stimulus bill there was 270 million dollars to help with stemming the tide of foreclosures. He then said that it would help somewhere between 7 and 9 million families stay in their homes. So, if I do the math right and give him credit for 9 million families.....lets see.......thats like 30 million dollars per family. Even if he meant to say 90 million families that equals 3 million dollars per family. WOW! This sure stimulates me!

My 'neighbor' took risky loans and bought a home he could not afford and then re-financed and bought himself a new SUV and a boat and some other toys and then when his loan came due and the market had gone south was in trouble. Sad, but that was the risk he took. But thank goodness someone is gonna take care of his mortgage and he will be able to keep his home. Not to mention he still has all his toys.

Meanwhile, I kept my modest home. The one I could afford. I did not overextend myself and now, while I do have debt, I will keep my house because I do not now owe more than it is worth. As long as I can keep my job anyway. So where is mine? Don't get me wrong, I am not asking for my share of the handout. I just am curious how ANYONE can think it is right or moral, let alone justified to take money from those like me, who were responsible, and give it to those like my above mentioned neighbor, who was anything but. Seriously my fellow citizens, you know they are not going to be giving this much money to each of those families. So where is it going? I would sure like to know.

Anyway, think the President could call my neighbor and at least use his messiah-ness to convince him to loan me his big boy toys every now and then?


google said…
Please don't misunderstand what I am about to say.

Eventhough your math is wrong, 270 million divided by 7 million equals $38.57. Not the millions that you stated.

But, this really proves the point you were trying to make. How does $39 help a family keep his house?

I agree that I was responsible in buying a house I can afford and do not need government help to pay for it.

Thank you Obama for scaring the hell out of nation to tank the economy!

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