Spending bill is passed. Republicans in House all vote against.

It is official now. We are now on the hook for more money than I think most of us can even fathom. Forget the price tag voted on today. Many of the items in the bill set up more bureaucracy, which as we have seen in the past, never want to close shop. Almost as soon as these agencies get started managing their programs they will be lobbying for continuance of the funding. You can bet on it.

And I do not think a single representative actually read the bill. Why you ask? Because the bill was not delivered until midnight last night and it is over 1000 pages long. Why would they rush this bill to vote so fast? Because more and more Americans are finding out what is really in this bill and they are losing support. The far left of the democrat party have hi-jacked their party and now that they have control of both the legislature and the Presidency they are putting all of their special interest pet projects in one big bill. I bet some of what is in this spending bill has been sitting on the shelf for umpteen years just waiting for this scenario. Then they rush it through knowing full well no one can read it. And get this, Nancy Pelosi leaves today for a vacation in Rome.

So if that makes your skin crawl, brace yourself. Nazi Pelosi held a press conference after the vote and had the audacity to say what they had just passed was the biggest tax-relief bill in history. WHAT! And does the mainstream media report on the truth? Not a chance. When not a single republican voted for this bill in the House(in fact 7 democrats voted no as well) they reported that the republicans were against tax cuts. Unless they were for the rich that is. The mainstream media is nothing but a propaganda tool of the liberals. It is disgusting.

The reason the republicans failed to vote for it is because they voted on principle. How can they vote for a bill so laden with pork not only their grandchildren, but their great grand children's children will be paying for them. And seriously, they are voting for this bill without reading it? That should scare us all into action.

The only good thing is that hopefully the media will stop fear mongering and that should help the confidence in the markets but how long will it last when we have shackled ourselves to all this spending? I for one do not know.

When will the Average American realize that the role of Government is to get the hell out of the way? In the words of Ronald Reagan, "Government is not the answer to the problem, Government IS the problem!"


Do not just take it America, continue to point out what is really happening to your friends neighbors etc. It is only through informing and educating our fellow Americans that we stand a chance of taking back this country.

Capital Switchboard #: 202-224-3121

Call your senators and representatives and remind them WHO they work for. We may have lost this fight, but the war is long from over. Never give up, never surrender!


ajwhet10 said…
Gives a whole new meaning to the sins of the fathers being visited upon their children to the (fill in the blank) generation!

(And if the dead spin in their graves when outraged, your Grandpa Smith has probably drilled himself to China by now!)

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